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The Oracle – Nethack

I made it to Delphi! and spoke with the Oracle. The Oracle is surrounded by 4 fountains and a larger room containing 8 Centaur Statues.

In Nethack you can have a pet that follows you around and will mostly stick with and fight with you as long as it gets fed. Don’t let the pet wander too far off as they are really useful and can often defeat monsters with more ease than your own character. If your little dog stays with you long enough it will eventually become a bigger dog.

Immediately below the Oracle Level is the level with the entrance to Sokoban. Unfortunately I didn’t make it too much past the Oracle this time. So far my favorite character classes to play are as a gnome healer, (lots of healing spells and potions, along with an uncursed stethoscope you can use to listen to the walls to see if they are hollow [find secret doors] which are numerous in Nethack), and as an orc ranger (better fighter than the healer, comes equipped with a cloak of displacement, a whole lotta arrows and a bow and can naturally find secret doors easily).


LEP GEX VEN ZEA – Nethack scroll

I played a bit of Nethack today and stumbled across a scroll called LEP GEX VEN ZEA.

It’s fantastic! Upon reading the scroll the entire level map appears in your mind.

I made it through to the seventh level of the gnomish mines. For a while I thought I’d die of starvation as I had run out of edible food. Would have had to risk eating a corpse of one of the monster’s I slaughtered along the way.

I dragged along a coyote corpse just in case, but came across a wererat that attacked. No problem I thought, but then the wererat called up his other wererat buddies and they had me surrounded. Cast a few healing spells and faught like hell but it was not to be.