Monthly Archives: March 2018

Realms of Quest V now has line of sight

Realms of Quest V now has line of sight indoors and above ground. Walls, tall trees and mountains can block your line of sight.

There are a whole lot of little shops and places to visit in the numerous cities and towns. One wine shop in Caer Nelaser sells wine with healing properties for 60 gold. May have to pick up a bottle.


Nethack levels 25+26!

I made it to level 26 in Nethack! Furthest yet.  Lots of water and tough monsters. Have to watch your footing else you might take a stumble down the stairs.

Had to retreat back upstairs to avoid some baddies, and of course I end up getting killed on level 25 by a vampire lord in bat form. Oh well. At least I got this far. This game is seriously tough. Super fun though.


Breaking out the old graphing pad & a set of castells!

It’s time to break out the old graphing paper and into a new set of Faber-Castell pencils! Their 6B pencil was always my favorite and I had a bunch of them but my last castell 6B pencil bit the dust, so now I’ve opened up a new set which has a wide assortment varying from the super sharp 2H through the smooth and mellow 8B. It’ll be interesting to try them all out. Now I’m off to start designing a labyrinth!