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Realms of Quest: Internet Archives from

The Internet is probably one of the most interesting tools ever invented by humankind as of today, but what good is the Internet if it’s creation and evolution is eventually erased by the sands of time?

Anyone that has searched the Internet even for a short period of time is aware that it is not uncommon for websites to “go under” and disappear forever after a site’s owner no longer maintains the site for whatever reason. Sites that seemed prominent at one point in time, might just up and disappear one day, leaving folks searching for a replacement in the site’s wake. This is why is so important. is probably one of the most important sites on the web today. It’s focus is to record all pages that any and every site will allow it to record.

“The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library. Its purposes include offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format.”

The will attempt to archive data from sites available unless the site blocks with its robots.txt file.

Geocities was a site that allowed its users to create web pages of their own and was a popular service. Eventually Yahoo bought Geocities and while it remained popular for many years, Yahoo elimiated it’s Geocities service in 2009.

Since this site features the Realms of Quest, here are some related images from the Realms of Quest Geocities page with a link. Note: Not all links on the Geocities site were recorded to, but at least there is a record with a couple images of the old site.




Realms of Quest IV: Final Thoughts, and final character screenshots -RoQIV

Just a few final words in regards to Realms of Quest IV….

It’s FUN! Plain and simple. It’s a classic style CRPG made for the Commodore VIC-20 computer for the year 2014. Besides the usual character races, there are also (Gnoll, Kobold, Ogre, Orc and Sprite). It features many of the classic dungeon crawling goodies that the older CRPG’s featured in regards to gameplay……(turn based combat, grid/square based movement, and many features that were featured in early CRPGs….[darkness zones, pits, teleporters, spinners and many, many monsters that would like nothing better than to slice you up into little pieces and devour your living flesh in a monstrous celebration of your very own peril and demise]).

The deeper you descend, the more treacherous and evil creatures you will encounter, so you must be ready for absolutely anything that these vile dungeons throw at you. Part of what makes this game so much fun is the need to map out each dungeon level, so get your graphing paper and pencils ready for adventure and exploration. I recommend that you map out the levels on your own rather than relying on the maps that I have uploaded to this blog, but if you prefer to view the maps they are online here via Gnarshm’s book of cartography category.

Realms of Quest IV has many monsters and a variety of ways to go about fighting and slaying them, and defeating the Time Lords. I’d recommend that you try to roll up as many Lord’s as possible during party creation when creating your team. The more spellcasters (both wizard and priest) you have, the easier it will be to defeat the 10 Time lords. You will need a Thief or Ninja in order to disarm traps, and you will need some warrior tank-ish types for their high HP in order to survive some tough battles.

The game has been an absolute blast from the past and I enjoyed it very much, and Realms of Quest IV is now one of my favorite games of all time, but some things that I felt were missing are the following…

(Mainly) A final completion screen. When you beat the game, you defeat the final 10th time lord and obtain a Staff of Orcus and a whole bunch of gold and XP, but what was missing is something that indicated that the game was finally over. Even just some basic text to display on the screen to say that the 10 time lords have now been defeated, the realms have been saved, and  the party is triumphant! would suffice. This is probably likely due to the limited memory available with the VIC-20.

In previous versions of the game, there was no splash screen and no music, which later versions of the game had incorporated those features after condensing the code to make way to allow these features, so in my opinion, I’m glad to have the splash screen and music than a final end screen but without some notification that the game’s major plot has been finished it sort of leaves you with a question of whether or not you have really completed the game.

Additionally, I think the game could benefit a great deal with the addition of Anti-Magic Zones that Wipe-Out non-combat spell effects like the Wizards Eye, Invisibility, Find Traps, Detect Evil, True Sight spells, which would make it even more difficult and challenging, although that might make it too challenging. :O

More Trap additions (while exploring the dungeon) like falling rocks or poison needles or other surprise damage attacks onto the party  that either do heavy damage to the party or inflict the party with poison effects or other afflictions (turn character to stone, charm character so that character attacks other party members, or even traps or spells of high level monsters that disintegrate/destroy/eliminate a party member outright). These are all just my personal suggestions so take them with a grain of salt. Not even sure all those features would even be feasible with the limited resources of the VIC-20.

+ Now, I present my final character screenshots of my team at the end of the Realms of Quest IV game.

Crumm – Ogre Fighter


Iscreem – Kobold Fighter


Gnarshm -Gnoll Peasant


Greenhat -Gnome Priest


Sammy – Elf Lord


Ruby – Hobbit Sage


Twiggy – Elf Wizard


Elvira – Elf Thief


Now if you haven’t gone out and obtained Realms of Quest for yourself, you can do so at the following link.

Wraith – RoQIV


Stumbled upon some wraiths today…

Wraiths are undead creatures. Stats and attacks are as follows.

Level 8 / Hit Points 15-120 / AC 0 / #AT 2 / Damage 1-15 / Attacks 1+2= Swing, Attack 3 = Summon, Attack 4 = Death

2nd level Priest spell, “Exile the Undead” is effective against wraiths, killing up to a row of the creatures.



4th level Priest spell “Control Undead” is also effective at luring the wraiths. Control spells let you gain control of an enemy to make attacks on your behalf during combat.

1st level “Turn the Undead” (might) be effective but I didn’t get the chance to test it during this battle. Next time I run into a wraith, I’ll update this post with results of the “Turn the Undead” spell against the eerie and spooky looking wraiths.