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8 Orbs recovered & the Demon Wizard Nikaedor Defeated! -Realms of Quest III


With all eight dungeons searched and all eight Orbs having been recovered, the party makes their way to the final dungeon, across the purple lava lake and into the fiery depths of Nikaedor’s very own living hell!


Deep and deeper into the last and final dungeon we descend, but once we reached the bottom, we discovered not one Nikaedor but six of them! along with 12 of his Demon Brides!


The magical gnomes, Greenhat and Greyhat take their turns casting out their holy symbols, and Twiggy cast her Time Stop, Enchanted Army and Meteor Swarms! The rest of the party swung their weapons mercilessly until finally  the demon bride’s fell and then soon Nikaedor and his evil clones fell as well.  The party is victorious!!!


The Demon Wizard Nikaedor is defeated! But the evil never ends! We must go forth and fight the good fight against the son/s of Nikaedor!



Here are the final screenshots of my party at the end of Realms of Quest III

Greenhat – Gnome Priest


Greyhat – Gnome Necromancer


Twiggy – Elf Wizard


Crumm – Ogre Fighter


Mead – Orc Fighter


Ruby – Hobbit Thief



Orb #3 and Sailing the High Seas! -RoQIII


A third dungeon was situated between two rivers and to the west of a swampy marsh filled with densely thick poisonous bushes. Someone was bound to get poisoned!


The Demons love to lurk about on level fifteen.


Ruby snags another orb from out of the Demon’s gold filled treasure chest.


Now that the party has some serious gold, it is time to spend some of it on a shiny new ship from the dockyard to sail around in.


The crew sets sail for a high seas adventure. A few hours on the rough waters and Mead begins to feel seasick.


We approach a small rocky island and disembark, making our way across a grassy path to a cave at the isle’s center. The entrance to the cave is littered with humanoid skulls and bones.




Orb #2 Demons+Demon Brides -RoQIII


In the dungeon across the river bridge the party descended to the 15th level, fighting many dragons, medusae and queen xorns along the way.

greendragonpic reddragonpic medusapic queenxornpic

At the lowest level the Demons and their Demon Brides await!


Having more than 1 priest (or a priest + necromancer combination helps out allot when fighting demons, for their holy symbol, excommunication, and exorcism spells)


The demon brides manage to slay Twiggy! but the remaining crew survived.


Two orbs recovered, and six more left to find.


In the dungeons we also discovered a Ring of Wizardry! This ring reduces the cost of casting WIZARD spells by one spell unit (per spell).


Demon’s, Demon Bride’s, and Orb Numero Uno

Greenhat had trained and had obtained level 4 Priest spells which includes Excommunication. So I was determined to descend to the depths of the 15th level of the western dungeon to seek out the Demon Brides and their orb. My first attempt was a failure. Although, I was able to cast off 2 Excommunication spells before the the gnome priest died, the spell failed to banish any demons.  Twiggy tossed off a few meteor swarms which took out a couple of the demons before she perished.  Brute KO’d a demon with his fists. Demons give out 20,000+ XP, which in turn had leveled up both Twiggy and Brute during combat, but it was not meant to be. The demons laugh at my feeble attempt.


Restart the last saved game………

The dungeons are hard to map as the 1st person point of view in dungeons shows walls or columns to the left or right which make the view deceiving until you turn to the left or to the right to verify whether a wall is there or whether it is just a column that was in view and there is actually a hallway in that direction.

I find that it is best to not map it, and to just run as fast as you can aimlessly until you reach each next ladder descending further into the dungeon only stopping once for a drink of water from the fountains, until you have finally reached level 15. You will stumble into the Demon Brides and the Demons guarding them.


Twiggy again conjures up some meteor swarms, and this time Greenhat’s Excommunication banishes demons; 3 of them in his first casting.  I manage to eliminate the Demons but at the cost of my front line. The demon brides don’t hit as often as their Demon counterparts so I luckily managed to eliminate all but 2 of the brides.


Twiggy had spent her remaining Meteor Swarms and Fireballs and was down to only Magic Missiles and eventually ran out of those as well and fell to the claws of a Demon Bride. Greenhat had used up his Excom’s and cast his last Exorcism and Invocation. His HP’s had increased significantly from banishing the monsters that he had the highest HP’s of the party. He swung his mace with all his might and defeated the last of the Demon Brides!

With the evil creatures gone, Greenhat looked around at all the blood and the bodies strewn across the dungeon floor. His eyes caught a small wooden box that was calling out to him. The box had to have been trapped he thought to himself. But Ruby had not survived the onslaught of demons. Greenhat had to open the box himself and his stubby fingers accidentally flipped the trigger and noxious fumes enveloped the area. After a bit of coughing the stench and fumes cleared the area. He found what he had seeked inside of the old wooden box along with a slew of gold goins that he would need in order to resurrect his friends at the temple.



The orb must have given the gnome priest superlative strength to carry all the loot and his perished friends back to the castle. It was a long and weary trek to the temple where he made a generous donation of 500GP per adventurer so the healers at the temple could do God’s work and resurrect his companions.


The party recovered, thanked the gnome for dragging their asses out of the dungeons and celebrated their victory at the castle’s inn and ate and drank their share, eagerly planning their next descent to recover a second orb.