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Realms of Quest III and IV Budget Disk Editions


I was viewing Psytronik/Binary Zone’s website recently and noticed that the Premium Editions [VIC-20 disks inside of wrapped plastic jewel cases with glossy printed manuals] of Realms of Quest III and IV stock are now all sold out. There are still the budget disk versions of Realms of Quest III and IV. The budget versions contain only the physical VIC-20 disk, (no jewel case and no printed manual), but a .D64 game image (which can be used in commodore VIC-20 emulators) of the game comes with each budget disk version purchase.

You can still purchase the budget edition disks of the games through Psytronik/Binary Zone. See the links below.

Realms of Quest III Budget VIC-20 Disk Edition

Realms of Quest IV Budget VIC-20 Disk Edition

And if you like strategy war games, Ghislain’s Theater of War is still available in Budget VIC-20 Disk Edition also.  Get these disks while they last!

I’m assuming each budget edition version also comes with a pdf manual. In case it doesn’t, the manuals for Realms of Quest III and IV can be viewed below.


Realms of Quest IV Manual





Orangehat’s Maps + final thoughts on Realms of Quest I




Orangehat’s Maps of Realms of Quest I

Levels 1-20

Realms of Quest I is a decent straight up dungeon crawler for the Commodore VIC-20 computer. The final battle is however insanely difficult. My suggestions to anyone playing it for the first time is to make sure you always have enough gold to rest at the inn. Save up your money and only purchase the most expensive sword, armor and shield from the shop which =  +5 sword/+5 armor/+5 shield. Explore every square on each dungeon and map the place out on graphing paper and fight all monsters that you can along the way.

Until you obtain book of spells lvl5 which contains the Word of Recall spell, you’ve got to know when you’ve reached that point in your dungeon crawl when its time to head back to the surface or your expedition will be for naught if you run out of SP and HP fighting monsters on your way back to the castle. Know when to run, like Kenny Rogers said. After you obtain book of scrolls level 5, make sure to have at least 5SP to cast the Word of Recall spell to get back to the entrance to the castle.

Purchase scrolls from the Lycaeum in their order 1,2,3,4. Or you could just read the scrolls here and put the 8000GP you would have spent reading them towards training your character as you will need as much gold as you can get to train your character. You’ll want as many HP’s as you can get before taking the stairs from level 20 to level 21 (the vaulted hall).

Don’t rush through the levels. You will need to fight as many monsters as possible and get enough gold and XP to train enough levels so that you can hopefully beat Nikaedor nikaedor_white at the end of the game.

Once you get book of spells level 6, you can cast the Gate spell to jump right to level 20 but don’t take the stairs to level 21 until you are well and ready to take on Nikaedor at 540HP, and make a backup of your game prior to entering level 21.

Good Luck!

I liked Realms of Quest I enough to play it through to the end, but I don’t think that I would have interest in playing it again. RPG’s for the Commodore VIC-20 computer are few and far between, and it’s nice to be able to play an RPG on the VIC-20, so Realms of Quest I has got that going for it, but I would definitely say that I had allot more fun playing Ultimate Quest for the Commodore  64, and even more fun with the VIC-20 games Realms of Quest IV, III. I’m currently playing Realms of Quest II, which has some additional features (compared to Realms of Quest I), namely a wilderness area above ground, with multiple dungeons, close up portraits of monsters, + potions to purchase at the city.


The Gargoyle Dragon and Nikaedor -RoQI (The End)

After locating the final piece of the amulet and casting Pass Wall to make my way through level 20, I found the entrance to the vaulted hall of the Gargoyle Dragon and the Demon Nikaedor.


Seeing that I have all four pieces of the amulet, the Gargoyle Dragon asks me for the secret word.


I won’t give out the answer here. You can get a hint by reading one of the scrolls at the Lycaeum. Then you must defeat the gargoyle dragon by attacking its weakest spot.


Gold! at last!


The Demonic Nikaedor!

Important Tip: Nikaedor is very tough to beat. 540HP’s!! Do not take the stairs to level 21 until you feel you are strong enough to defeat him. (+ Make a backup of your game before you descend to the final level).  The vaulted hall (final level 21) is encompassed in an anti-magic zone so you have to fight Nikaedor in hand to hand combat without the use of spells and the demon often hits in the 20+range.

Upon defeating Nikaedor……


Next up… Realms of Quest II.


Scrolls of Forbidden Knowledge -RoQI

These are the four scrolls of forbidden knowledge from the Lycaeum.

Scroll 1: Amulet of Infinity


Scroll 2: Impassable Journey


Scroll 3: Password for Entry


Scroll 4: Tale of the Dragon


Now I’m off to map the remaining 5 dungeon levels (16-20), find the last piece of the amulet, + defeat the gargoyle dragon and slay the evil wizard Nikaedor!

and find some more gold so I can train to level 12. At least now with all four scrolls read and all the best equipment already purchased, all gold found going forward will be put towards paying my tuition.


The Amulet of Infinity – Realms of Quest I

Over at the Lycaeum, there are four scrolls of forbidden knowledge that should be read. Each of the scrolls cost 2000 gold pieces. I probably should have read the first one first, as it gives you a clue as to how to go about finding the four pieces of the Amulet of Infinity. Up until now, I had previously only read the second scroll.

Note: The elders of the Lycaeum allow you to read the scroll while at the Lycaeum after paying the required 2000 gold pieces. You do not get to take the scroll with you so when viewing the scroll, copy the scrolls contents (i.e. take a screenshot) so that you can view it again later without needing to pay another 2000gp.

Scroll No.1: The Amulet of Infinity


There are 4 amulet pieces. Thus to find each piece, make the calculations in the screenshot above and travel to the correct dungeon coordinates for each piece.

As reference to the way dungeon coordinates are in the Realms of Quest I, see this example of level 5 in Mapping in the Realms of Quest I.

Once you are at the correct dungeon coordinate, cast the Wizards Eye (from Book of Spells 3) to find and obtain a piece of the amulet. The first piece can be seen to the right of Orangehat’s 20 Wisdom. :o)


2nd piece of the Amulet of Infinity


3rd piece of the Amulet of Infinity


One more to go.

Excalibur and the search for more gold -RoQI


At last I was able to pay the blacksmith the required gold to add Excalibur to my item list, along with the Aegis shield, and Full Plate armor. Don’t bother purchasing any item from the blacksmith other than the following 3 items, otherwise you’d just be wasting gold, and in Realms of Quest I, you’re going to need all the gold you can get.

Excalibur = sword+5 – 8192 gold pieces
Aegis = shield+5 -3104gp
Full Plate = armor+5 -3328gp

Total equipment costs= 14624gp

Lycaeum: Scrolls of Forbidden and Secret Knowledge.
2000gp each X 4 = 8000gp

22624gp in total to purchase equipment and scrolls.

+ 50gp per resting

Cost to train character increases with each level.

Training to level 11 will cost me 7168gp
I’ve read 1 scroll from the lycaeum so far. 6000gp needed to read the remaining scrolls. So I’ll need at least 13168gp, plus another 50gp per each resting period.


I’ve got 82gp currently. Time for some more dungeon crawling.

Word of Recall -RoQI


The Book of Spells 5 offers some very useful spells. No longer will you have to worry about whether you have enough hit and spell points to make it back up to the surface. Provided that you have at least 5 spell points to cast ‘Word of Recall’, you can now jump from wherever you are in the dunjons straight to the entry stairs of level 1. VROOM!

NOTE: The Spell ‘Word of Recall’ cannot be cast while in battle, so don’t waste your spellpoints trying to cast it when fighting.


Power Word Kill just may slay that enemy outright, without the need for a long and exhausting duel to the death.

and Heal Spell will usually restore HP to the full amount.

I wonder if there will be a Gate spell in the Book of Spells level 6 to jump from level 1 to level 10 or beyond? Will find out soon enough.