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Arcane Annihilation – Realms of Quest V

To the east of the Castle of Vallaes, on the shores of the sea the party found the entrance-way to an underground dunjon. According to local rumors, a vile and destructive beast was summoned to this place by the use of arcane magic, either by a clone of the evil wizard Nikaedor or by the real Nikaedor himself, in an effort to aid the resistance.

A short ways into the dunjon, Wyvam spotted some colorful writing scrawled onto the walls which read “Join the Resistance!” and “Nikaedor Lives!” The markings on the wall cleverly hid a secret door from which the party used to traverse further into the dunjon in search of this arcane beast and any pieces of the tablet that we could find.

A teleporter brought the group to and from an area which was otherwise inaccessible. A lady paladin greeted the party and offered a magical book of beasts. “Are there any wizards among you? Use this book to summon your own beasts to fight against the dreaded annihilator beast. You must be careful as there are deadly magical wards that surround the beast. One wrong step and you may be done for! But first you must seek out a box in a room surrounded by darkness. Inside the box you will find an ancient elven runestone which will grant you access to the annihilator beasts lair. Good luck to you all.”

The adventurers continued onwards and soon located the zone of darkness and the box containing the elven runestone within, and further still a door with elven runes. The stone began to glow an azure blue aura as Wyvam placed the runestone onto its mantle and the gate onwards opened up revealing a large room with ladder leading up to the surface in front of rows of deadly magical wards.

Klobber stepped forward. “It is here that we should use the book of beasts, as the way forward is trapped.” The goblin wizard began to read the magical spells contained within the book to summon allies to get the adventurers past the deadly wards. Three times Klobber summoned the evil cat. “Chungaaa wuuungaaa, where are you?” And three times the Chungawunga was disintegrated by the deadly magical wards.

Upon breaching the magical wards, an ancient dinosaur gave a ferocious ROAR and the party was immediately assaulted by the dreaded arcane annihilator beast.

The annihilator beast was not alone, as a group of berzerkers and fire giants had attempted to herd the beast into the direction of the party using the beast as their sinister and destructive weapon.

The monk Greyrobe had attempted to condemn the annihilator beast but was unsuccessful. The hungry dino then bit into a clone of Woodsy making a meal out of the ally.

Raax and Klobber stepped forth laying down an onslaught of meteor swarms which fell upon the unsuspecting enemies decimating their groups numbers.

Ingrid took initiative slicing and stabbing with her lawful avenger in an all out frontal assault, while the kobold Wyvam prefered to catch his enemies by surprise by stabbing them in the back cutting into a berzerker’s vital organs.

Jadehat let her summoned demon (Baalzebul) tear into the giants of fire, leaving a lot of scorched remains and piles of burning flesh and bones across the wasteland where the annihilator beast has made into its home.

The arcane annihilator beast is strong. Many rounds later and with quite a few allies short, the great T-Rex was finally defeated.


Tears of Poison level 2 – Realms of Quest V

The party delved into the second level of the temple. This part of the temple is very old. It appears to be a catacomb. Grave markers give tribute to the deceased. Wyvam caught eye of a stone engraving reading “There’s a shard buried in the south-east corner”. The sounds of rattling bones echo throughout this clamorous room. Distant voices murmur from beyond these walls. Even more interesting was the discovery of the crypt of famed minstrel J. Ramone, which contained a box that had been left unopened since the musician’s burial some ages ago. Wyvam examined the box for traps and found none. Upon opening the kobold found a fabulous stringed oud in pristine condition and began plucking at its strings.

“Put that instrument back where it came! Have you no respect for the dead?” Ingrid blasted at the kobold.

“Why? He’s not using it anymore, and its too nice of an instrument to be just left here to rot away in this crypt.” Wyvam responded as he continued to play the oud.

“Quit playing around and get moving. We’ve got tablet shards to locate.”  Klobber directed.

As the group continued onwards, a cold air was felt seeping from underneath a door to the south. Ancient runes marked the overhead of the door.  The goblin wizard confirmed that the party has reached the main temple room of the tears of poison. The main door to the temple opened revealing many archaic tombstones scattered about the bleak stone floor. A stone engraved with a warning about the path forward. “Only those with true virtue may approach the altar.”

Ingrid and the three gnomes, Jadehat, Redhat, and Greyrobe approached the altar one by one. Surrounding the altar, a pile of bones moves together and unites to form a monstrous heap. A bone crushing spectre of evil. It attacks!

The paladin and divine spellcasters faught in unison for all that is good in this world, against the bonecrushing monster of evil. Greyrobe called upon God’s holy spirit to condemn this vile and wretched creature back to the hell in which it came. After the skeletal beast of bones was destroyed, the party began searching the southeastern corner at the end of the southern corridor. They found the tablet piece for level two, but yet the tablet piece of level one still eluded them.

“We must search elsewhere now to find the other tablet piece.” Klobber proclaimed.

It wasn’t long until the party began to hear a voice calling out in the distance. “Do you hear that? I can hear someone calling from up ahead.” Jadehat said as she tried to determine the location of the voice. “This way. The voice is coming from beyond that door!”

Ingrid opened the eastern door and then another and then yet another until the party was face to face with a strange sight.

Magic Mouth – art by David A. Trampier

A mouth complete with lips and teeth was clearly visible on the wall in front of them. It began to speak. “Who goes there? and what is your business in thy temple?” it asked.

Klobber looked onwards in amazement. “I have heard of ze magic mouths but have never actually seen one until now.” the goblin muttered.

Ruby stepped forward. “Oh magic mouth, I am Ruby and this is our party and we are on a mission to locate all of the shards of the Tablet of Uthar so that it can be united as one to save the kingdom and all the lands of greater Rivaria.”

The magic mouth responded. “Interesting, and such a valiant and noble quest you have in saving the realms. I may be able to help you yet as I alone can grant you access to this temples hidden chambers. I believe you will find what you are looking for there, but in turn you must do something for me. It is such a lonely task of guarding this ancient door and I do not get many visitors. I would like to hear some music. Bring me a musical instrument and play a song in the key of B-flat and I may allow you entrance to the hidden chambers.”

Woodsy turned to the kobold and pointed. “You have an oud. Play something for the magic mouth.”

Wyvam picked up the oud that he had taken from the minstrel’s crypt. “Well I only know three chords but I’ll try my best.” the kobold said as he began to play and sing a popular tune that he had heard a bard play some time ago in a tavern in the city of Skavold.

The magic mouth was pleased with the kobold’s improvisation. The mouth grew larger and enveloped the entire area of the wall, leaving a broad gap in which the party could step forward into the hidden area of the temple.

The party marched forward down a series of halls leading to a set of doors to the south. The group opened each door one by one until they had found something of importance. A teleporter which lead to a large room with a ladder that lead the party back up to the first floor, but not just to the first floor, but to that previously inaccessible area where Wyvam finally found the tablet shard of the Tears of Poison’s first level two spaces north from the ladder.

“Finally we have found the tablet pieces of both levels. It is time that we departed from this place. Let’s go!” Klobber exclaimed.


Tears of Poison level 1 – Realms of Quest V

To the south of Greenwyrm, the party stumbled across an ancient temple nestled cozily upon the side of the southern edge of the western mountainous regions. A sign at the entryway read “Tears of Poison: Hospice and Healing service, for thy care.”

“Perhaps we can take refuge here for a while. I grow weary of all of this traveling.” Jadehat stated.

“Well don’t get too comfy. There are shards of ze Tablet to find in this place too, and I doubt yer going to find this place very hospitable with all of ze undead around.” Klobber warned, as the party continued onwards into the next room. The walls and floor were splattered in blood, and corpses were left to rot in the same location where they had perished. Moans and groans could be heard echoing through the numerous halls ahead.

The band of adventurers marched forward and came to a posted sign that read indicated that an ancient artifact is located at 12y,17x. “That must be where ze tablet piece is!” Klobber announced.

Wyvam looked at the map that Gnarshm had given him. “Well that is back in the other direction. I suppose we should finish looking around here first before heading back. Eventually they came to a metal grate portcullis which prevented them from going any further.  “Lever activation is required for access.” Wyvam read from signage that displayed next to the gate. “Hmmm. I wonder where the lever to raise the portcullis is. It doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the gate.” the kobold said as he completed his search.

So the party began to retrace their steps in search of the coordinates given in the sign. The moans of the undead began to get louder and more disturbing. The group walked closer together on high alert as they were bound to encounter someone or something and likely very soon. “Hush down! I hear something up ahead!” Woodsy alerted as he drew his blade. “It’s coming closer now. Ready yourselves for battle my friends!” the elven war-mage bellowed.

The hospital patient ran past the party raving about wildly with flailing arms in a general ruckus as the sounds of the moaning undead still yet unseen grew louder still. A sign which points to the south reads “Emergency Room.” Screams and wailing can be heard from within.

“Well here we go, let’s see how these undead freaks like the steel of my blade! ” Woodsy exclaimed.

“Open ze door already!” Klobber demanded.

“Uh, I’m not so sure about this. Maybe we shouldn’t.” Izkor reacted.

“Too late!” Ruby exclaimed, as the ZzyZzyx demondain Raax had already opened the door. A swarm of zombies rushed forth grasping and biting like mindless drones.

Klobber raised a wand and sent a magical ball of fire onto the undead hoard setting many of the decrepit creatures ablaze. Zombies that managed to avoid the fire stepped backwards seemingly afraid of the bright scorching light.

“Banish and Exile the undead, holy warriors!” Woodsy shouted as he swung his blade, chopping off the head of one of the attackers.  Jadehat and Ingrid used the powers of their God’s holy symbols and crosses to repel and destroy the zombies, finally letting them rest in peace once and for all.

Wyvam waded through the carnage of undead remains towards the south eastern edge of the emergency room as he had spotted what appeared to be a secret door. Beyond the hidden door he found yet another secret door and beyond that a final third secret door that lead to a small room containing a lever. “Aha! I’ve found the lever to raise the portcullis! Or at least I think that’s what it does… Only one way to find out!” the kobold said as he pulled the lever down.

“Back to the portcullis!” Klobber ordered.

The party again made their way back to through the hospices hallways to the location of the portcullis, except this time the gate was raised up high allowing the group to pass underneath. They didn’t need to go very far as beyond the portcullis was a door to what appeared to be a mortuary. Black coffins were laid upon the floor in a half circle. One of them began to open with a creak. Its occupant rose up a standing position without even bending a knee, and began to speak. “I am Count Won Too. You have disturbed my precious sleep! Yet, I do have a hunger for fresh blood. You will make a fine meal. RISE! Creatures of the night. It is time for us to feast!” the count commanded as the other coffins also began to open revealing other undead in various forms of decay.

Klobber initiated the spell of Time Stop, giving the party extra speed and attacks.

Jadehat again began her holy chants of banishment with her arms outstretched, her hands holding a silver cross. Ruby and Redhat also began to turn the undead.

Before long the undead minions fell to their death, this time not to get up again. Count Won Too was backed into a corner when Ingrid pierced her silver blade into the heart of the vampire.

With the head vampire destroyed, the party set out to find the coordinates of the tablet shard. The coordinates led to a room in the shape of a cross but there was no way to enter and no secret doors could be found. No teleporter could reach the room.

“I don’t suppose any of you have a pick-axe? or dwarvish mattock?” Ruby asked.

“Dwarves? Bleh! Don’t get me started on those filthy creatures!” Woodsy said in disgust.

“My sentiments exactly.” replied Klobber. “We’ve got no dwarvish mattocks and no pick-axes. There must be another way in.”

“Look over here! I’ve found a ladder descending below. There is a second level!” Wyvam shouted. The party descends.




Mines of Dreadwood level 2 #RealmsofQuestV

At the second level of the Mines of Dreadwood the party came to a door with a large warning notice that read “Cloning facility ahead. Authorized personnel only!”

“Hey, that’s us! We’re authorized people!” Woodsy commented as he kicked the entry door off its hinges allowing the party to venture forth. There was darkness abound. Jadehat cast a light illuminating the way ahead revealing a statue resembling the infamous wizard Nikaedor. The statue’s eyes glowed strangely in the light.

Deep within the cloning facility the party found the cloning chamber. Tubes contain clones in various stages of development. The clones within the tubes all resemble Nikaedor.

“So it is true. They have cloned Nikaedor. It was bad enough having to fight the real wizard, and then his sons. Now must we fight his clones too?” Ruby pondered.

“It looks like the cloning process didn’t go as well for someone. Look here.” Wyvam motioned as he picked up a glowing skull.

In yet another room Klobber found two sets of instructions. The directions read…”Head west from the room of mirrors. Follow the safe path if you want to live. Step in sequential order. Sequence 1 is WNWWNWWSSESSWWW… and Sequence 2 is SWWNNNNWWWNWNNW.

The party passed through a door to the west and into a room of mirrors. The party’s reflection into the mirrors made it appear that there were hundreds of our stalwart adventurers, yet there were only ten. The party of hundreds approached the western door in unison. “How fun! We are our own army! Nothing shall stop us now!” Ingrid joyfully exclaimed.

Wyvam began the sequence with its first direction. “W is for West!” the kobold announced as he opened the door westward and stepped forth. “N for North!” the kobold continued as the party followed the sequential order.

Halfway through the sequence, Izkor began to wonder. “What if these directions are a trap? I wonder what may lay beyond a door that is not within the sequence?” The kobold mage thought, as he opened a door which was out of step. There was total darkness. The kobold stepped into the dark and lost his footing and fell into a neverending pit but luckily his arm was grasped by the elven war-mage Woodsy just in time. “I think it best that you follow us along the sequential order my young kobold.” Woodsy warned, as Izkor complied gratefully, as the elf mage pulled him to safety.

The party followed the sequential order the whole way through  and reached a door which was made out of the bones of a humanoid, yet strangely the skull was missing. Wyvam brought forth the glowing skull and placed it upon the neckbones of the skeleton and with a magical power the door began to open. Beyond the door was a Sorceress and some of her minions. “Nikaedor is alive again and will soon rule over the lands of Rivaria and there is nothing you can do to stop him. Now I shall end your lives as you have ended his so many years ago. Prepare to meet your doom!” The supreme Sorceress exclaimed!

Raax stepped forth and gave an awful shriek. His blue alien skin writhed as the piercing shrill sound of his voice echoed forth which stopped time from moving forth. With the Sorceress seemingly frozen in time, Woodsy, Ingrid, Jadehat rushed forth to attack. The gnomish monk Greyrobe’s repetitious chants of condemnation added to the onslaught as the life force of the sorceress drained as she melted away like a witch in water. Her minions retreated in fear. Near the puddle of liquid that was once the supreme Sorceress, the party found a piece of the Tablet of Uthar.



Mines of Dreadwood level 1 #RealmsofQuestV

It was at the Castle of Wynna where the gnoll Gnarshm, made an announcement. “After thorough review and upon plotting out our best course of action as a party, I have decided it best that our group should push forward into the dunjons with more spellcasters. The book of cartography indicates that there are many deadly traps in the mines. Not just the usual tripwires and boobytraps, but also of the magical sort. There are also rumors about that an archmage and sorceress have constructed a cloning facility deep in the mines and some countryfolk even claim to have seen the evil wizard Nikaedor, alive and well, laying low in the depths of the Mines of Dreadwood.

Gnarshm introduced two new recruits. The first of the two was the grandson of the old gnome, Greenhat; who had led the fight against the Time Lords. The young gnome wore a hat of similar style, although it was red in color. Redhat has studied both schools of magic, priest and wizard alike. The second new recruit was a kobold named Izkor; nephew to Iscreem the warrior who had defeated the last of the ten Time Lords in the dunjons under castle Rivaria, some years ago. The kobold mage studied wizardry exclusively.

It was here that Gnarshm separated from the group. The orc fighter Mead, would remain in reserve as well and would act as the gnoll’s bodyguard as they traveled on a different path to find more pieces of the Tablet of Uthar.  Wyvam, the kobold rogue would take on mapping duties in the gnoll’s absence.

Ingrid the paladin, lead the party to the southwest of Castle Wynna, through a small wooded area, and into the rocky entrance of the Mines of Dreadwood. The party soon found a message written onto the stone wall. “Sometimes a teleporter will bring you to where you need to go.”

And sure enough, the group swiftly found the first of a series of teleporters that would transport them undoubtedly further into the Mines of Dreadwood. There was also a note with coordinates to the location of a tablet piece.

After numerous teleports later, the party tread onwards following a trail of blood and into a room with a ladder leading up to the surface.

“This escape ladder will come in handy considering we don’t seem to have any way to get back to the entrance that we first started from.” Ruby stated.

“Look over here at this! An amulet of sorts. Perhaps it could be a clue.” Wyvam said as he looked the item over as he continued walking down the westward hall until they came to a dead end.

“Well it looks like we’ll have to take those stairs back up after all.” Ingrid declared.

“Wait a minute. Hold on, I think I may have found something here. {click} Indeed; a secret door to the south!” Wyvam revealed. The group proceeded southward until they reached a large door. The amulet began to glow in the kobold’s hands. Words written in runes on the amulet read: Open sesame.

“Open sesame?” the kobold read aloud, as the amulet glowed further and the large door slowly opened revealing a room in which a magic-user, an efreeti, and a dragon were discussing matters involving a cloned wizard of some importance. This meetings attendees did not take kindly to being so rudely interrupted. They attack!

Our spellcasters eliminated the efreeti with meteor swarms and icestorms. The silver dragon took a bit more work as it breathed bolts of lightening upon our entire group, round after round. It hissed menacingly with its eyes seeking out our destruction.

Finally Ingrid destroyed the wyrm with her sword, plunging it into the belly of the beast, leaving only the archmage left to defeat. The powerful wizard cast a spell of sleep which incapacitated Woodsy, Wyvam and Redhat. Next he fired a magic missile at Izkor the new recruit killing him. Those still left awake took their turns attacking with their weapons and spells of their own until the battle was over at last. The archmage is dead! and there are two ways forward from here. One way was to take the ladder down to the second level, and the other way was to follow the next teleporter.

“We haven’t gotten to the x/y coordinates listed in the note, so we will have to leave the ladder for later. We must follow the next teleporter.

The party teleported to the next location.  The room is illuminated by the light of many numerous ever-burning candles. To reach the next two teleporters the group needed to pass across two deadly traps. And twice more the goblin Klobber began to speak in magic tongues. “Chunga Wungaaaa, where aaarrrre youuuu?” Klobber called.

And magically the cursed cat re-appeared if but only for the few moments it had before the inevitable ZZAPP! of the trap which would again take the life of the unfortunate Chunga Wunga.

The party at last found the tablet piece at 1y,15x, then took the teleporter at 11y,15x, to the room where they had found the key and used the escape ladder at 12y,19x to retreat back up to the surface.






Violet’s Subterrane level 2- #RealmsofQuestV

Gnarshm was the first to descend the ladder to the subterrane’s second level. As the rest of the party followed the gnoll to the second floor, Gnarshm began to look around with curiousity. A strange feeling began to overwhelm the gnoll’s senses with thoughts of deja-vu. “This place looks so familiar, I must have been here before”.  Gnarshm said outloud in disbelief.

“Well then good! You can lead us ze way.” Klobber replied.

Gnarshm took the lead and led the party on series of twists and turns further down the subterrane’s extensive halls to an old library filled with books of mostly wine making recipes. It was there, that the gnoll pointed to the north wall and said “There is magic afoot. A secret door is here and beyond is a powerful source of mystical energy”. the gnoll said as he pressed upon the fake wall. Streams of light burst forth illuminating the party and revealing an aged magic user in a dark blackened robe, his hand grasping a staff of orcus. A field of static electricity consumed the air around the mage.

Mead immediately recognized the wizards attire and overall appearance and blurted out the first words that came to mind. “…A Time Lord!”

“Impossible. The Time Lords are dead; all ten of them. We defeated them all and watched them die.” Ruby retorted.

“It’s true. I was there. I saw it.” Gnarshm confirmed.

“And what good did that do you? Had we still been under the Time Lords reign, war would have never happened.” Woodsy replied.

“Under the Time Lord’s reign? Do you even hear yourselves!? Honestly!” Ingrid blasted.

“BE QUIET! the mage commanded. “The orc is correct. I am a Time Lord. The ten Time Lords that decided to remain in the then present time to fight have failed in their mission. I on the other hand did not remain in the present time. I traveled forth into the future and found out what was to become before anyone else. Future events have changed my views of you adventurers; at least for a while. I have come from the future with a book. A book of cartography. The author of the book is…., oh what was the name? Oh yes. Gnarshm.

Gnarshm’s Book of Cartography, Volume II.” The Time Lord said as he handed the book of scrolls to the gnoll.

Gnarshm opened the book and scanned through the pages in shock. “You ARE a Time Lord! and this IS a book of maps that I’ve made, when I was in the future!  I’d recognize the writings in that manuscript anywhere.”

“How peculiar, but also telling of the future. The fact that these maps exist must mean that we do succeed!” Jadehat exclaimed.

“Now Go! Delay no further as time runs short!” The Time Lord ordered.

The group continued onwards along twisting corridors until they reached a vibrant and pulsating portal surging with magical power. Gnarshm stopped for a moment, yet an energy began pulling him and the rest of the group towards the gate. Wild gusts of wind forced the party closer and closer to the magic portal. There was no escape and one by one the winds took each of the adventurers through the gate beyond.

On the other side the party reappeared crashing onto the dusty stone floor from the force of the wind. Wyvam brushed off the dust bunnies from his leather armor and spotted something on the ground. A heavy and twisted coil of rope. “I wonder what this rope is doing here. It seems sturdy enough. It might be useful.” the kobold said as he swung the rope over his back.

“Alright. Where to now?” Ruby asked.

“To the north.” Gnarshm pointed, as the group moved onwards. In a short while they reached a portcullis which blocked the way forward. There was no way to raise the gate as the pulley that hung from the ceiling had no rope attached.

“Well kobold, that is where your rope belongs. Climb up to ze top and feed ze rope through ze pulley. Mead, you attached ze other end to ze portcullis.” Klobber ordered.

The orc and kobold worked together to attach the rope. Then the rest of the party began pulling on the rope. Slowly the portcullis was raised and the party reached the passage beyond.

Wyvam was the first to reach the next room. To his amazement, the room was filled with a giant treasure chest and what looked to be a sea of gold and jewels filling up the entire area. “We’re rich! We’ve hit the jackpot now! Woohoo!” the kobold shouted as he dove into the enormous piles of gold.

The rest of the group celebrated at their good fortunes and began stuffing their bags will all of the gold and gems that could fit.

“Hey look at me! I’m swimming in gold! Haha!” Wyvam exclaimed as his entire body save for his head was submerged in treasure. His rejoices and laughter however quickly turned to fright. “Ouch! Something just grabbed onto my leg! I….Owww! Help me!” the kobold shouted as his head disappeared completely under all of the gold.

Ingrid leaped into action diving into the loot. She caught hold of the kobold’s arm and began pulling him out of the treasure pile, when she realized the hoard of gold wasn’t gold at all.  “It’s a Mimic!” she shouted.

Raax stepped in to blast the beast with a shower of meteors. The usually silent gnomish monk Greyrobe began his chants of condemnation until the mimic was no more. The party searched the rest of the room to make sure there were no other monsters lurking about. There were four doors in the room where the mimic was found. Beyond one of the doors the party found another piece of the Tablet of Uthar.



To which

Tomb of Horrors – Realms of Quest V

0 – Graveyard 1 – Entrance to the Tomb of Horrors 2 – Groundskeeper 3 – Peasant camp 4 – Full moon 5 – Zombies! 6 – An old man 7 – Under pressure 8 – Coffins 9 – A tall man H – Dug up graves/pits U – Exit K – Key A – A holy man E – The Lich King T -Tablet piece @ – Spinners

The party left the safety of Castle Wynna and headed northwest until they reached the graveyard that leads to the fabled “Tomb of Horrors”. The graveyard was desolate and eerily quiet. Rows upon rows of graves have been dug up and the remains of the deceased that had once rested in peace are now missing. Who or what has taken the dead? and for what purpose?

Dug up graves, image from the horror film Phantasm II

It wasn’t long before the group was approached by the groundskeeper who informed us that there is a Lich King who guards a piece of the Tablet of Uthar inside a locked tomb of horrors within. Wind gusts forcefully as the sounds of wolves howl in the distance. It is a full moon tonight. Further on ahead the entrance to the tomb of horrors looks uninviting. Someone or something has been here recently. It was cold and musty inside the tomb. Coffins of the deceased are stacked upon each other and contain etchings listing the names of the dead.

A passage ensnared by a lawful alignment trap, guarded an old scroll with cryptic writings that allude to talking with the spirits of the dead.

Further down the passage the party encounters a peasant that has set up camp here. He tells you “A lich king has assembled an army of undead to attack Rivaria. Be cautious.”

The group continued down the hall and entered a torch lit room revealing a holy man who seemed a bit mad and filled with righteous fury. Something in this tomb has driven him insane, yet his lawful alignment deemed the party good enough to give us a magical ring to help us fight the evil demons and spirits lurking about this place.

Finally the party reaches a magically locked door.  Klobber reads the old cryptic scroll’s runes and the spirits of the crypt allow the door of the crypt to open.

We find the Lich King in the tomb of horrors! The horrific lich rises before you. It’s eyes are DEATH and FEAR runs down your spine… undead monsters attack!

Faced with an onslaught of undead lead by the Lich King Acererak the holy members of our group set out to banish the undead and spellcasters and fighters alike focused their attacks on the lich king. One by one, the undead fell back into their graves banished to rest in peace forever.

In a small room west of the lich battle, the party found another piece of the Tablet of Uthar.