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Realms of Quest III and IV Budget Disk Editions


I was viewing Psytronik/Binary Zone’s website recently and noticed that the Premium Editions [VIC-20 disks inside of wrapped plastic jewel cases with glossy printed manuals] of Realms of Quest III and IV stock are now all sold out. There are still the budget disk versions of Realms of Quest III and IV. The budget versions contain only the physical VIC-20 disk, (no jewel case and no printed manual), but a .D64 game image (which can be used in commodore VIC-20 emulators) of the game comes with each budget disk version purchase.

You can still purchase the budget edition disks of the games through Psytronik/Binary Zone. See the links below.

Realms of Quest III Budget VIC-20 Disk Edition

Realms of Quest IV Budget VIC-20 Disk Edition

And if you like strategy war games, Ghislain’s Theater of War is still available in Budget VIC-20 Disk Edition also.  Get these disks while they last!

I’m assuming each budget edition version also comes with a pdf manual. In case it doesn’t, the manuals for Realms of Quest III and IV can be viewed below.


Realms of Quest IV Manual





Demon Wizard Muhr +The Sceptre / The End -Ultimate Quest:Catacomb


In the catacombs of Muhr’s palace, (level 10) at the entrance to Muhr’s lair.


Muhr (the demon wizard) himself


inflicting 70 damage


It took numerous spells and healing before Muhr finally went down.




The sceptre is recovered! +1CHA!


After defeating Muhr, your character is teleported back to the pillar of teleportation.

With the stolen sceptre recovered, and the demon wizard Muhr defeated, and all ten levels of the catacomb mapped, the ultimate quest is now over.

It was fairly extensive in that there is a large city with many shops and places to visit therein, plus a large wilderness area with mountains and rivers and seas, forests and deserts to wander about. 4 special items to recover throughout the wilderness to be able to use the teleportation pillar which connects you to Muhr’s island+palace whose catacombs are also vast and contain 10 levels, and finally, loads of monsters to battle, and of course the evil wizard to defeat. A couple of things that I found to be a bit awkward were purchasing spells/bandages. If only there were an option to give the shopkeeper 1000 gold and for him in return to give 1000gp worth of spells/bandages. That would save an incredible amount of time. + Although I defeated Muhr and recovered the sceptre, no one at the city seems to believe me, but at least I’ve got my 13 charisma to prove it.  All in all, it was a blast to play through, but I prefer the party based Realms of Quest III+IV games more.

Also it seems that after you defeat Muhr and get teleported back to the pillar, the 4 items that you previously have recovered get reset from 4 to 0, so I suppose you could go back and find the 4 items again, then make your way back through the 10 levels, beat Muhr again for another +1 bonus to CHA or perhaps another stat and play on continuously? Seems likely. Perhaps I’ll give it another run sometime in the future.

Ultimate Quest: Catacomb was the prequel of sorts to the Realms of Quest series.

Next up……Realms of Quest I.

Redhat’s Maps of Catacombs levels 1-10

Redhat’s Maps of the Catacombs level 1-10

Each square represents 1 move.


Catacombs level 2


Catacombs level 3


Catacombs level 4


Catacombs level 5


Catacombs level 6


Catacombs level 7


Catacombs level 8


Catacombs level 9


Catacombs level 10


Entrance to Level 2 of the Catacombs – UQ:C

The catacombs are vast and enormous and each square displays each possible direction that the player can go to, which gives an illusion of a possible 9 squares per square, so to map the place correctly, one would either need a very large sheet of graphing paper, or when mapping the level, map only the walls/directions that you cannot move so that you only use 1 square of graphing paper per move. I’m not sure how else to describe it to anyone reading this. It is just something that you will discover if you attempt to map the Catacombs yourself.



The entrance to level 2 of the catacombs are to the southeast of the level 1 catacomb entrance.  Exact movement from entrance to level 2 stairs will be forthcoming.

Catacombs of Muhr -Ultimate Quest: Catacomb

The red-hatted gnome walks towards the ancient pillar of teleport, not knowing quite what to expect, but he is ready.


With the four items in hand Redhat approaches the guardian and is welcomed as the gnome is in possession of all four required items.


Redhat enters the pillar of teleport and is transported to a small island holding the entrance to the Catacombs of the evil wizard Muhr.


In the center of the small isle lay the evil wizard Muhr’s palace, and the ancient catacombs beneath…


The Torch of Fire and the Earth Stone – Ultimate Quest: Catacomb

The red-hatted gnome traveled through the endless forest, fighting off the hordes of creatures that call this place home. When he finally cleared the last of the trees, a large blazing torch made of fire stood burning ever so brightly.


Yet another guardian stood before the torch of fire. 3000 gold was required to obtain the torch.


Far to the east and high atop the mountains, the gnome climbed, ever so watchful to avoid the enormous Titans that stormed about these vast mountainous ranges.


A fourth guardian made of rock, held a large stone in its granite hands. 4000gp was required to obtain the Earth Stone.


With the heavenly statue, flask of water, torch of fire, and earth stone all in the gnome’s possession, Redhat made his way back to the Pillar of Teleport in search of the catacombs and the evil wizard Muhr.

Activating the Teleportation Pillar….-Ultimate Quest:Catacomb


The threat of the evil wizard Muhr must be stopped. The sceptre of might that Muhr had stolen must be recovered.


In our search of the wilderness, we must find 4 items which will activate a teleportation pillar. Only then can we reach the catacombs which hold the evil wizard Muhr, defeat him, recover the king’s stolen sceptre of might, and restore freedom to the land of Grynd, and to all of the lands beyond.


Redhat traveled many numerous miles and finally found one of the four items. A statue.


For 1000 gold, we obtain the statue from the Guardian.

Redhat continues on…


The pillar of teleportation is located.


But the other 3 items are needed before we can use the portal.


After further travels, Redhat discovers a wondrous and radiant pool of water. A flask of it’s water is retrieved.


In exchange for the flask of water, we pay the Guardian 2000 GP.

Redhat presses onwards to locate the third and fourth item to activate the teleportation portal.