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Digital Versions of Realms of Quest III + IV are available again!

Digital Versions of Realms of Quest III + IV are now available again through Psytronik Software’s new Itch.io site, and they are on a name your own price! So get your VIC20 emulators ready, and head on over to Psytronik’s site to purchase/download these great turn based, party based dungeon crawlers and fight some monsters today! See links below for further emulator recommendations and system requirements, and information on all of the extra’s that come with the downloads.

Realms of Quest III https://psytronik.itch.io/realms-of-quest-trilogy

Realms of Quest IV https://psytronik.itch.io/realms-of-quest-iv

For more Psytronik software releases….https://psytronik.itch.io/




Realms of Quest 5 Combat Module testing

Realms of Quest 5 now has a new title screen with blue colors and you can use the directional/arrow keys to move up/down the menu screen options rather than hitting the F function keys.

At Bolzaim’s Marketplace you can inspect the equipment that you want to buy and it will list what type of player class can use the item, and the stats of the item. +Each time the player enters the castle and visits the marketplace Bolzaim will have one randomly generated special item at the shop, just like in the previous game. Today’s special is a Staff of Dimension Door for all of your teleportation needs. Only $15000. Buy it today (if you can afford it) for it surely will be gone by the next time you visit.

Initially you’ll just be purchasing some equipment for the party and with only 1000gp and up to 10 player characters, you’ll have to make do with mostly the basics. Here is Gnarshm with his trusty club and shield.

After purchasing equipment from the marketplace, make sure to equip your items, then you’ll want to travel through the land of Rivaria.

Ghislain is currently working on the combat module of the game. Here we encounter a battle of Kobolds and Quasits.

Currently only the Attack function is programmed, but you can attack monsters, do damage to monsters, kill+reduce monsters numbers, while the monsters can do the same damage to + make kills to the party.

Quoting a post from Ghislain at the Denial VIC-20 forums, here are some more new combat options to be implemented in Realms 5…

Attack – Perform a basic attack (melee or missile weapon)

Ally – Use your Ally (NPC/Summoned/Controlled monster) to perform an action in your stead.

Backstab – attack monster with extra damage with melee weapon but suffer an armor penalty (Thief, Bard, Courtesan, Monk, Ninja or Proteus action)

Beckon – A Demondim can attempt to control a demon (can be performed at the beginning of combat)

Cast – for spellcasing

Condemn – Monks have the power to destroy a single immortal monster at the beginning of combat.

Defend – Instead of attacking, the player can defend.

Disband – Sages can destroy a single row of “Misc Non-living” monsters (like Golems, Elementals, etc) at the beginning of combat.

Lay – Once per battle, the player can “lay on hands” to heal 2 hit points per level. (Paladin or Proteus action)

Seduce – A Courtesan can attempt to control a humanoid enemy (at the beginning of combat).

Sing – Bard action to distract monsters that can make them listen to the song instead of attacking. (beginning of combat)

Subdue – Lords can try to control a single Mythical monster at the beginning of combat (such as Dragons, Hydras, etc).

Turn – At the beginning of combat, Priests can attempt to destroy all of the enemy undead that are present.

Use – Use item for it’s power

View – View character to inspect

Whisper – Druids can attempt to control an animal enemy (beginning of combat)

Upon defeating the monsters… Victory!!

Player characters status is listed in light blue to the left of the character names. Checkmarks are players in good health. Skulls are the dead. Experience points and treasure etc, still being programmed at the moment, but it’s looking good so far.

Here is a status and icon chart for reference.

Keep tabs on the VIC-20 Denial Forums linked below for current/past/future updates on Realms of Quest 5.



The wordpress monkeys 2014 annual report for [rubygolem] “Happy New Year!”

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s the summary:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 3,700 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

In 2014, there were 58 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 85 posts.

These are the posts that got the most views in 2014.

1.) The Ancient Traveler -RoQIV [published December 2013]

2.) Realms of Quest I (Anniversary Edition, 2011) [published September 2014]

3.) Ultimate Quest: Catacomb (the beginning) [published May 2014]

4.) Realms of Quest IV: Final Thoughts, and final character screenshots -RoQIV [published June 2014]

5.) Gnarshm’s maps of levels 3+4 -RoQIV [published November 2013]

Some of your most popular posts were written before 2014. Your writing has staying power!

The top referring sites in 2014 were:


Visitors from a total of 40 different countries visited rubygolem.
The most visitors came from the United States, Canada, and Estonia.

Demon Wizard Muhr +The Sceptre / The End -Ultimate Quest:Catacomb


In the catacombs of Muhr’s palace, (level 10) at the entrance to Muhr’s lair.


Muhr (the demon wizard) himself


inflicting 70 damage


It took numerous spells and healing before Muhr finally went down.




The sceptre is recovered! +1CHA!


After defeating Muhr, your character is teleported back to the pillar of teleportation.

With the stolen sceptre recovered, and the demon wizard Muhr defeated, and all ten levels of the catacomb mapped, the ultimate quest is now over.

It was fairly extensive in that there is a large city with many shops and places to visit therein, plus a large wilderness area with mountains and rivers and seas, forests and deserts to wander about. 4 special items to recover throughout the wilderness to be able to use the teleportation pillar which connects you to Muhr’s island+palace whose catacombs are also vast and contain 10 levels, and finally, loads of monsters to battle, and of course the evil wizard to defeat. A couple of things that I found to be a bit awkward were purchasing spells/bandages. If only there were an option to give the shopkeeper 1000 gold and for him in return to give 1000gp worth of spells/bandages. That would save an incredible amount of time. + Although I defeated Muhr and recovered the sceptre, no one at the city seems to believe me, but at least I’ve got my 13 charisma to prove it.  All in all, it was a blast to play through, but I prefer the party based Realms of Quest III+IV games more.

Also it seems that after you defeat Muhr and get teleported back to the pillar, the 4 items that you previously have recovered get reset from 4 to 0, so I suppose you could go back and find the 4 items again, then make your way back through the 10 levels, beat Muhr again for another +1 bonus to CHA or perhaps another stat and play on continuously? Seems likely. Perhaps I’ll give it another run sometime in the future.

Ultimate Quest: Catacomb was the prequel of sorts to the Realms of Quest series.

Next up……Realms of Quest I.

Redhat’s Maps of Catacombs levels 1-10

Redhat’s Maps of the Catacombs level 1-10

Each square represents 1 move.


Catacombs level 2


Catacombs level 3


Catacombs level 4


Catacombs level 5


Catacombs level 6


Catacombs level 7


Catacombs level 8


Catacombs level 9


Catacombs level 10


Catacombs of Muhr -Ultimate Quest: Catacomb

The red-hatted gnome walks towards the ancient pillar of teleport, not knowing quite what to expect, but he is ready.


With the four items in hand Redhat approaches the guardian and is welcomed as the gnome is in possession of all four required items.


Redhat enters the pillar of teleport and is transported to a small island holding the entrance to the Catacombs of the evil wizard Muhr.


In the center of the small isle lay the evil wizard Muhr’s palace, and the ancient catacombs beneath…


The Torch of Fire and the Earth Stone – Ultimate Quest: Catacomb

The red-hatted gnome traveled through the endless forest, fighting off the hordes of creatures that call this place home. When he finally cleared the last of the trees, a large blazing torch made of fire stood burning ever so brightly.


Yet another guardian stood before the torch of fire. 3000 gold was required to obtain the torch.


Far to the east and high atop the mountains, the gnome climbed, ever so watchful to avoid the enormous Titans that stormed about these vast mountainous ranges.


A fourth guardian made of rock, held a large stone in its granite hands. 4000gp was required to obtain the Earth Stone.


With the heavenly statue, flask of water, torch of fire, and earth stone all in the gnome’s possession, Redhat made his way back to the Pillar of Teleport in search of the catacombs and the evil wizard Muhr.