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Time Lord #9 -RoQIV

Deep in the ninth time lord’s lair the party marched forward with weapons drawn. Iscreem swung about his mighty sword of excalibur in anticipation of battle. A gaggle of voices echoed through the dark corridor. The voices grow louder.


The time lord and his minions await.


“Who do you serve? Bow before me!” the time lord commanded.

“NEVER!” Iscreem shouted as he swung the mythical sword, cutting a deep wound into the time lord’s side.


The old gnome repelled the demon erinyes back to the hell in which they belong, with his trusty holy symbol.

Twiggy spoke the ancient power word of utter destruction. “KILL, KILL, KILL!” she chanted as a deathly force crept from out of her spellbook and leached onto the enormous fire giants choking and suffocating them viciously. The rest of the party leaped into action and hacked down the fire giants one by one until the last fell to the ground as a lifeless corpse.

“NO! rrrrRRRRAAAAAARRRGGGGHH!” the time lord’s temper raged in anger at the defeat of his minions and he charged at Elvira and proceeded to cut her down.

Crumm and Gnarshm rushed to Elvira’s defense, beating back the evil time lord. The lug of an ogre dealt the final blow to the time lord’s now decapitated head.


“Nine down, and one to go.” Iscreem said triumphantly.



The Lady in the Water -RoQIV

With his map in hand, Gnarshm directed the party towards a door to the southwest corner of the ninth level of the time lord’s dungeon.  “I had two markings on the map. One in the northeast room where we found the bronze key, and the other I had marked as ‘something interesting’. I can’t remember what I had seen there but its a good bet we’ll find something of value for sure.” the gnoll said enthusiastically.

“Get your swords and spells ready. It could be another of the time lord’s evil traps” Elvira warned.

The party stood before an old mahogany framed wooden door. A damp moldy smell permeated the area.

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s do this!” Sammy said as the warrior took charge and kicked down the door.

In the room beyond, the floor sunk downwards and was filled with a murky bluish green tinted water.

“More nasty pond scum. Keep your eyes peeled for water elementals. Who knows what lurks about in these waters.” Iscreem said with his weapon drawn.

The party scoured the area in search of anything they could find lurking about in the water.

Suddenly, the old gnome shouted, warning the group of a potential danger. “THERE! I see something. It’s…it’s……”

Crumm finished the gnome’s sentence. “…a pretty woman with a sword”.

“Yes. A pretty woman in the water with a sword?” Greenhat repeated with a puzzled look on his weathered and wrinkled face.

The woman rose from out of the water and presented the party with a mighty and glistening sword of renown.


Iscreem stepped forward in amazement. His hand outstretched and reached for the mighty sword, taking the weapon from the water woman. “Thank you my lady.” the kobold said.

And with that, the water woman retreated back down into the water and disappeared.

The kobold looked at the mighty sword in awe. “It’s like something out of a fairy tale. Something of mythical legend. It must be a sign from the Gods. A sign that we must finish off the remaining Time Lords and save the realms of Rivaria from their evil clutches.” Iscreem said as he swung the sword about in the air.

“It is time.” the kobold said with a look of ultimate determination and sword in hand. The party proceeds onwards in battle formation.

Time Lord #8 -RoQIV

Iscreem stared at the flourescent orange door that stood before him. The door glowed intensely as did the orange key that the kobold clutched in his scrawny little hand. A feeling of dread overwhelmed him as he inserted the glowing key into the doors lock. Something evil lurked behind the door. Iscreem was sure of that. After turning the key, the kobold backed away from the door. “After you my spellcasting friends.” Iscreem said with a smirk on his face.


Greenhat also sensed the evil and stepped through the doorway, leading the party with his silver cross in his hand. Evil shadowy figures lurked about in the darkness. “Demons!” the gnome shouted. The gnome chanted a holy prayer and burned the demon’s flesh with his holy symbol.



Ruby read the runes from her spellbook, causing a rift in time, slowing enemies and giving the party extra rounds of attack. “Time is on our side now, evil Time Lord!” the hobbit sage shouted.

“Let the power of Mordenkais sword stab at thee!” Twiggy screamed, as the glowing blue enchanted sword of Mordenkais appeared from out of the darkness.


Iscreem took hold of the glowing sword and swung it mercilessly at the Time Lord, hacking and slicing the evil lord to shreds.

Sammy and Crumm took turns pummeling and thrashing the Time Lord, and Elvira lunged at him from behind with piercing daggers and raging fury.

Sammy took the last swing to finish off the evil time lord. “Another day, another death!” the elf said as she pierced her sword and stung the time lord through his heart, ending his miserable and wretched life.



From the vile corpse of the time lord, Iscreem pulled a ring off the evil lord’s finger and placed it onto his own.


An intense wave of strength overpowered the kobold. The ring disintegrated and left Iscreem with a newfound sense of strength.



The Orange Key -RoQIV

To reach the inner chambers of the eighth level, the party descended one of the numerous pits leading to a hidden room which Gnarshm had marked in the center of his map.

The hidden room was full of short waterlogged passages which seemed to go nowhere in particular until Elvira spotted a neatly disguised lever at the end of one of the passages.

Upon pulling the lever, the wall to the north gave way leading to a secret room containing a pedestal. On top of the pedestal, a sparkling key seemed to glow a flourescent orange which reflection shone down upon a cold and flooded room.


Iscreem’s boots slushed and trudged through the water as he walked the length of the room to take the key off the pedestal.

Before Iscreem’s outstretched hand could grasp hold of the key, Elvira shouted in warning. “Wait! It could be a trap. Everyone be still for a moment. I think I hear something.”

“I hear something too. Whatever it is, its getting louder.” Greenhat replied.

Suddenly the passages shook and a large thunderous wall of water came racing down the passage towards the adventurers. “A ton of water! Quick! Grab the key.” Gnarshm shouted as the sheer force of the water knocked the gnoll off his feet.


The kobold’s hand clasped the orange key. He barely had time to turn and brace himself when the wall of water smashed into Iscreem, knocking the key out of his hand and back into the water.

As Iscreem again reached for the key, the water changed shape lashing out at the warrior with a set of enormous fangs.

“Water elements! there are elementals in the water!” the kobold shouted as he slashed and cut with his sword.

“The water level is rising!” Sammy yelled in alarm.


“If the water level rises any further we’re gonna be drowning in our metal armors.” Iscreem said as he unhooked his plate mail and tossed it into the water, then dove into the water to retrieve the glowing orange key.

“I’ll fix this.” Twiggy said as she began an incantation while reading from her book of spells.  A giant ball of fire formed about the ceiling, then came searing down scortching the water, evaporating much of it. Within seconds the room was filled with steam making it near impossible to see.

Iscreem’s voice echoed through the steaming room. “I’ve got the key! Now let’s get out of here.” he shouted victoriously after defeating the last of the water elements.



Time Lord #7 – RoQIV

Elvira inserted a quartz key and unlocked the door to the seventh time lord’s lair. After a few steps forward, the party heard an evil laughter echo through the moldy stone passage, and then suddenly Crumm shouted.


“WAIT! I HAVE IDEA!” the ogre warrior said loudly and inarticulately.

“What? You never have an idea, Crumm.” Twiggy blurted out in a seemingly automatic response.

“It must be that Tome of Magi that you gave him to read.” Greenhat suggested.

“Well, what is it Crumm?” Iscreem asked.

“MAGIC USERS GO FIRST!” Crumm continued.

“What? Are you crazy! We’d get slaughtered up there!” Twiggy exclaimed.

Ruby nodded in agreement.

“Wait, that might actually be a good idea. It would give us spellcasters a chance at first dibs to give the old time lord a taste of his own medicine. Then after our spells are cast, Crumm and the rest of the group can charge the time lord and hack him down!” Greenhat stated.

The spellcasters thought it over and reluctantly agreed. The party regrouped in a magic users first formation.


As the party marched through the time lord’s lair, the deathly grasp of liches drew near and reached for the party.


Ruby and Greenhat instantly pulled their crosses and holy books and began reciting the prayer to exile the undead. Ruby began to worry. In between alternating prayer verses the hobbit warned. “The undead are coming near. They will drain us!”

“Focus on your spells, not the vile creatures!” Greenhat exclaimed upon finishing his prayer verse. A beam of light pierced the time lords lair through the stone ceiling from the daylight miles above the dungeon. The liches fall to the ground and burn to ashes.


Red dragons exchanged breath of fire with the magic user. Twiggy sent the flames backwards onto the dragons fighting fire with fire and disintegrating the dragons.


Crumm and Iscreem lead the charge and hack down the Time Lord to pieces. All fought valiantly to take down the seventh time lord.


Victory at last!


Lair of Confusion -RoQIV


After the resurrected had fully recovered at the inn, the party regrouped and again descended the dungeon. A dark passage led to a ladder that lowered into the sixth level where writing on a blood soaked wall read “Welcome to the lair of confusion!”


The party traveled southward to yet another pitched black room where something or things could be heard moving about in the darkness. With each consecutive footstep, the ground shook in a crushing rumble. (Whump! Whump! WHUMP!).  The noise came from the eastern side of the room and drew closer to the party. Then, footsteps were heard approaching the party from the west. (Whump! Whump! WHUMP!) Something approached from the south as well. (Whump! Whump! WHUMP!).

Then silence. Nothing at all. A gentle breeze swept across the old gnome’s face as he began his incantation of light. A bright blue spark flared from Greenhat’s hand as the mystical torch ignited. The gnome raised the lit blue torch high into the air illuminating the room about the party.

Iscreem was the first to notice that although the party clearly heard enormous footsteps approaching just moments earlier, there was nothing in the room but the party themselves.  “I know I heard something, but there’s nothing here in this room but these stone pillars. and the door that we came in through. What gives?” the kobold asked.

“Something is definitely in here with us. I can just feel it in the air.” Twiggy replied.

“I don’t see anything. We must be imagining things. Or maybe whatever we heard has some sort of invisibility spell cast upon itself.” -Ruby suggested.

The new plate armor that Gnarshm had purchased at Bolzaim’s marketplace was much heavier than the chain mail Sammy was used to wearing so she leaned against a pillar to relax a bit, when she noticed the stone ceiling above her appeared to move. “What the hell?”

As the party looked upwards to match her gaze into the ceiling, a large hand made of stone reached downward and grabbed the brute Crumm, picking him up off the floor and upwards holding the ogre in a deathgrip. The stone pillars weren’t pillars at all. They were the legs of giants! The party watched in horror as Crumm was stuck helplessly, numerous feet from the ground and in the grip of a stone giant’s enormous hand.

Then it dawned upon the party that they were surrounded by giants as incredible hands of stone reached towards the rest of the adventurers.

“RUN!” Elvira screamed as the party scattered about the room at epic pace.


Twiggy, who had sensed something was amiss from the beginning, had already prepared her spell of lightning bolt which boomed and struck through the stone giant mass, crumbling the former stone giant to a pile of dust.


Gnarshm and Iscreem faught side by side taking down one giant as Sammy and Greenhat teamed up to slay another as Crumm fought his way out of the giant’s insanely strong grip. Ruby took out the final creature with a power word stun. The stone beings collapsed and crumbled into nothingness. At the far end of the room, an old wooden box displayed on a pedestal.


Elvira gave a quick overview of the box, determined it was not trapped and opened the chest. Inside the party found gold and a green medical vial with a label that read “To revive life, imbibe entire bottle”.

Greenhat took a particular interest in this item. “This looks just like the liquid the high priest used in the resurrections.” After reading the bottles ingredients he continued…”In fact, this is exactly what the priest used. This will come in handy I am sure of it.” -the gnome said.

Greenhat gave the bottle to Iscreem for safekeeping in the bag of inventory.


Resurrections and the Marketplace -RoQIV

Greenhat pushed open the large oaken doors to the temple. The chants and prayers of monks and worshipers echo and reverberate across the great hall. Crumm followed behind the old gnome while carrying both the deceased remains of Sammy and Elvira over his large ogreish shoulders. Gnarshm similarly carried Twiggy’s remains and Iscreem who was much smaller in frame than the ogre and gnoll before him, struggled to carry the remains of the equally minute hobbit Ruby.

The loud grunts and heavy breathing of the encumbered adventurers alerted the temple’s resident priest of the party’s presence. Acolytes quickly wheeled in a pair of carts to gather and bring the corpses to the holy operating tables as the high priest approached Greenhat with a simple grin.

“Well hello again Mr. Green. You certainly are keeping us busy with requests for our bodily revival services.” the high priest said as the acolytes wheeled the fallen adventurers away. “I must say, you certainly have a knack for getting folks into… shall we say….dire circumstances? Luckily the remains are not too far beyond damaged. They can be repaired but it will cost you.”

“Yes, yes. We will pay as usual. Please do take good care of my friends. How much will I owe?” Greenhat replied.

“Well, lets see…..for complete revival and rejuvenation of how many bodies again? Four? At 1000 a head, that will put you back 4000 gold.” the priest stated.

The old gnome pulled a long worn pouch from his belt and counted out the necessary funds and handed the coins to the priest who in turn placed the coins into the temple’s donation box for later use.

“Raising the dead is a meticulous effort, but also a most holy and divine intervention.  You would be wise to learn the art. For an additional fee, you could observe and train as an apprentice here in the temple.” the high priest offered.

Greenhat thought about the offer, turned to catch a glimpse of Iscreem who had sneakily pilfered the priest’s stash of holy wine and was drinking from the bottle greedily. Crumm’s large physique conveniently blocked the view of any potential acolyte onlookers as the kobold and gnoll passed the the bottle back and forth, proceeded to polish off the wine in record time. “Yes. I accept your offer. Let’s begin the resurrections, but first I must consult my colleagues.” the old gnome said to the priest.

After leaving earshot of the priest, Greenhat approached Crumm and the now slightly drunken kobold and gnoll. “I have decided to learn the art of reviving the dead from the high priest here at the temple.  Based on previous experience, we seem to need the skill of resurrection. I will be busy learning the art for the next week or two while our comrades are brought back to life. Here is the remainder of our gold. Take Gnarshm to Bolzaim’s Marketplace. Sammy’s armor is in tatters. Buy some plate mail at the market and do make sure that Iscreem stays out of trouble won’t you?” Greenhat told the ogre.

“Of course. Your wish is my command my green fellow.” the ogre stated solemnly.

The trio of ogre, gnoll and kobold reached Bolzaim’s Marketplace. The store was bustling with business. Wannabe warriors and knights of valor alike tried on sets of armor and swung about flashy and glistening swords while the muscular and sturdy Bolzaim eagerly collected gold from purchases of the various customers wandering about the store, seemingly mesmerized by the vast enormity of Bolzaim’s wares.

Crumm and Gnarshm searched through the awesome inventory of armor displayed throughout the store. Gnarshm thought for a moment and then announced he had found the perfect plate armor for Sammy and at just the right price too, when Iscreem let out a gasp of envy.

“Holy mother of god! WHAT IS THAT?!” Iscreem shouted pointing to a large gemstone that seemed to contain moving particles that rapidly circled the circumference of the enclosed jewel, catching the attention of the shopkeep.


A gruff looking blond bearded shopkeep walked up to the kobold who just stood with his mouth slightly dropped in awe of the beautiful gemstone.

“That my friend is what we call a Gem of Meteors. If used in battle, a swarm of meteors will swoop down upon thy enemies and leave utter destruction behind!” the shopkeep announced grandly. It costs only a mere 100000 gold pieces and is a must for the tried and true “Real Adventurer”. Here at Bolzaim’s Marketplace we pride ourselves with featured premium payment plans and reverse home mortgages fit for your very specific adventuring needs. No legitimate adventurer is without a Gem of Meteor. We have payment plans to suit every need. Even those with bad credit can select a plan of payment to suit their needs. All we ask is for you to fill in this written questionnaire with the names and addresses of your nearest relatives and firstborn children. There’s no deal that we can’t make. When you think adventuring…..think BOLZAIM!” the shopkeep boomed.

Iscreem drooled profusely, but before the kobold could say any more, Gnarshm interrupted and told the shopkeep bluntly….”NO. We don’t want the gem of meteors. We need to buy some plate armor and I want to purchase this set right here.” Gnarshm responded pointing to the set of armor he had selected.

Iscreem was disappointed with Gnarshm’s interference and faded into the background while Gnarshm and Crumm purchased the plate mail for Sammy. Gold coins were exchanged between the gnoll and the shopkeep and Gnarshm walked out with a brand new set of plate armor. After the trio left the shop, Iscreem pulled out the magnificent gemstone from under his tunic to view the incredible item. Crumm spotted the gem in Iscreem’s hand.

“NO!! You should not have done that!” Crumm yelled.

Iscreem ignored the ogre’s shouts, staring intently at his newly stolen item in amazement.

Gnarshm stood in astonishment but was not upset as Crumm was. “What a beautiful stone. If it really does what that scummy scammer of a salesperson said it does, maybe we can use it against the Time Lords.” the gnoll said optimistically.