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Breaking out the old graphing pad & a set of castells!

It’s time to break out the old graphing paper and into a new set of Faber-Castell pencils! Their 6B pencil was always my favorite and I had a bunch of them but my last castell 6B pencil bit the dust, so now I’ve opened up a new set which has a wide assortment varying from the super sharp 2H through the smooth and mellow 8B. It’ll be interesting to try them all out. Now I’m off to start designing a labyrinth!


Sample Level 9 – Realms of Quest II


Here is a sample mapped dungeon level. Orbs can be obtained from fighting demons on level 9 or below so I usually only map each level until I find stairs that will go to the next level below. I’ve mapped out this dungeon level 9, fought and killed an Orcus, Demogorgon, and Bailor while traveling further downwards in levels making it all the way to level 17.

Dungeon levels are infinite, however the lower you descend you will gain more and more magical weapons and gold.


I bumped into a skeleton and it attacked me. It must have been a skeleton of a long since dead king, as he was fully loaded with gold. I don’t know how a skeleton can carry around so much gold, but it’s mine now. :o)


All $20358580 of it. WOOHOO! Ca-CHING!

I still wasn’t able to find another ORB yet, but by the time I made it back to the castle I had acquired a significant amount of loot to cash in.


And cashed in all that lovely gold to gain 3 levels and pick myself up a healing potion, as I was now completely out of them.


I’m now at level 17, with SU 17, SWORD+19, ARMOR+22, SHIELD+23 and XP 60754472 with 1 HEAL POTION, and 2 ORBS.

Faber Castell 9000 6B Graphite Pencils


I bought a set of graphite pencils probably some 15 years or so ago for a project that I was working on and the set had varying degrees of soft/hard graphite in the set. Later on, I used these pencils again while mapping dungeons. Allot of the maps I’ve posted here on the Realms of Quest games were used with this Faber Castell 9000 6B pencil. They can get nice and dark/fuzzy after they start losing their sharpness which feels and looks pleasant while mapping dungeons. I never thought I’d have a favorite pencil, but this one is definitely it.

After a bit of use, it starts to get nice and thick and fuzzy like pic below. It feels much different than the more widely used #2 pencils.


Faber Castell has been around for a long time, and they still make these great 9000 6B pencils. I’m going to have to pick up some new ones as mine is almost finished. A link to their 9000 6B pencil is below. There is also a degree of hardness chart to compare it with their other pencils.

Faber Castell 9000 6B


Realms of Quest IV animation + Source code for III+IV released

Here is an animation that I put together using GIMP, and all of the Realms of Quest IV, black and white images. This animation is set at a frame delay of 1500 milliseconds. It features all of the monsters and locations and is based on classic dnd images.


Here is one set at a frame delay of 2500 milliseconds for slower display.


Ghislain has notified me that the source code for Realms of Quest III, and Realms of Quest IV is now on his Github account and that the mapmaker for Realms of Quest IV is also included. See link below.  All the images seen in the above animations are located individually in the github Graphics folder


Here is an image I had previously created with the mapmaker program.



In other Realms of Quest news, I finally found an Orcus on the 9th level of one of the dungeons in Realms of Quest II!


Luckily I had all of my spellpoints and was able to dispatch the Orcus without too much damage to myself.


Upon defeating the Orcus, I gained my first ORB! There are 10 ORB’s scattered throughout the Realms, so I now have 9 more ORB’s to find.


Defeating an Orcus also gave me enough XP to advance another level. (When you gain levels, all of your HP and SU’s get restored to their full amount, which will really help allot as now I will need to return to the surface by going up 9 levels, one by one. Alternatively, I could cast the #6 [Word of Recall], however, doing that would wipe out all of my accumulated gold. I hadn’t realized this until recently, and I wasn’t going to forfeit my $34554 gold pieces this time.

This is the dungeon in which I descended. I took a screenshot of it so I can use as reference of having been there already, as all the dungeon entrances look similar and I need to locate 9 more of them to find the rest of the orbs.


One peculiar thing with gold though, is that it doesn’t particularly matter how much gold you have accumulated when cashing your gold in for potions at the castle. You can have 100 GP or 34554 GP, but either way, when you cash in your gold for potions, you only gain 1 additional potion. But hey, potions are a necessity, so I’ll take any potions that I can get. Actually, more accurately, your gold converts into XP when visiting the castle, and as a bonus you get one potion.

I’m back up to 2 potions now after reaching the castle and resting/trading in my hoard of gold for XP and 1 potion.


Orangehat’s Maps + final thoughts on Realms of Quest I




Orangehat’s Maps of Realms of Quest I

Levels 1-20

Realms of Quest I is a decent straight up dungeon crawler for the Commodore VIC-20 computer. The final battle is however insanely difficult. My suggestions to anyone playing it for the first time is to make sure you always have enough gold to rest at the inn. Save up your money and only purchase the most expensive sword, armor and shield from the shop which =  +5 sword/+5 armor/+5 shield. Explore every square on each dungeon and map the place out on graphing paper and fight all monsters that you can along the way.

Until you obtain book of spells lvl5 which contains the Word of Recall spell, you’ve got to know when you’ve reached that point in your dungeon crawl when its time to head back to the surface or your expedition will be for naught if you run out of SP and HP fighting monsters on your way back to the castle. Know when to run, like Kenny Rogers said. After you obtain book of scrolls level 5, make sure to have at least 5SP to cast the Word of Recall spell to get back to the entrance to the castle.

Purchase scrolls from the Lycaeum in their order 1,2,3,4. Or you could just read the scrolls here and put the 8000GP you would have spent reading them towards training your character as you will need as much gold as you can get to train your character. You’ll want as many HP’s as you can get before taking the stairs from level 20 to level 21 (the vaulted hall).

Don’t rush through the levels. You will need to fight as many monsters as possible and get enough gold and XP to train enough levels so that you can hopefully beat Nikaedor nikaedor_white at the end of the game.

Once you get book of spells level 6, you can cast the Gate spell to jump right to level 20 but don’t take the stairs to level 21 until you are well and ready to take on Nikaedor at 540HP, and make a backup of your game prior to entering level 21.

Good Luck!

I liked Realms of Quest I enough to play it through to the end, but I don’t think that I would have interest in playing it again. RPG’s for the Commodore VIC-20 computer are few and far between, and it’s nice to be able to play an RPG on the VIC-20, so Realms of Quest I has got that going for it, but I would definitely say that I had allot more fun playing Ultimate Quest for the Commodore  64, and even more fun with the VIC-20 games Realms of Quest IV, III. I’m currently playing Realms of Quest II, which has some additional features (compared to Realms of Quest I), namely a wilderness area above ground, with multiple dungeons, close up portraits of monsters, + potions to purchase at the city.


Messing around with the Realms of Quest IV Editor. (RoQIV part II, [maybe])

Here I am messing around with the editor, figuring out the workings and ongoings of the map editor. Final map for Realms of Quest IV part II level 11? Who knows?….It just might be, or maybe not. Either way, the map editor offers allot of the classic dungeon crawling options, darkness, pits, keys, teleporters, locked doors, stairs up and down, final battles, NPC interaction, and text display. Pretty much sums up what is essential in a dungeon crawling game. What a blast! Yay! :o)