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Fortress of the Demon Empress -Realms of Quest V

0 -Feisty goblins beat the drums of war 1 -Large demon shouts orders and commands at lesser demons “Into the Fire!” 2 -Sacrificial table, used recently 3 -Piercing screams echo through the halls 4 -Home of the imps, tending fireplace 5 -Imp workers moving debris 6 -Stockpile of wood, rope, nails, crucifix 7 -Pool of shimmering red water 8 -Maniacal laughter from all directions 9 -Conversation among imps, shard of Uthar in Empress’ lair A -a wounded knight offers a mighty sword E -Demon Empress, K -key, T -tablet piece, & locked door, L,N,C -alignment traps, J -teleport east, O -teleport west, P -teleport landing point, U -stairs up

Gnarshm’s Book of Cartography Volume II, page 2

After relaxing a bit back at Castle Rivaria’s Inn, the party regrouped and began their march along the main road for a while before heading northward towards a fortress at the edge of the seacoast.  Klobber made an announcement. “This is the fortress of the demonic empress. It is said that she too possesses shards of the famed Tablet of Uthar.”  Strangely they found the gates to the fortress left open as if the demon empress was expecting us. Waves crashed onto the fortress walls as the party made their way inside.

“There is so much mist and fog in here and so little light. I must have light and magic detection too!” the Jade Hatted gnome spoke as she cast her spells. Jadehat proceeded to lead the way, magic torch in hand. She pushed open a door to a small room which contained magical markings on the floor of a large circle with a directional arrow pointing towards a wall directly in front of it.

Wyvam began to inspect the marking. “What does it mean? There are no writingsezz on the wall and no way forwardsezz.” the kobold stated as he stepped into the circle.

POOF! A cloud of smoke appeared where the kobold had been standing. “A teleporter!” Klobber shouted as the smoke began to clear.

“Where do you think he went?” Gnarshm inquired.

“Well there’s only one way to find out. Let’s follow and see where the teleporter takes us.” the orken Mead said, as he too stepped into the teleportation circle with another POOF! One by one the party stepped through the teleporter and arrived at another location where they met back up with the kobold Wyvam. The twisting corridor led the group southward to another small room. Something inside the room emanated a warm red glowing aura.

“What is it?” the goblin Klobber approached the glowing object. What he found was a pentagram stone, which he looked at with interest, then placed the stone in his pocket.

“I’ve found another teleporter!” Woodsy reported, and the party was again magically transported to yet another part of the fortress.

Jadehat’s magical torch was diminished and began to flicker and fade. Another spell of light rejuvenated the enchanted flames.  “Look there! A breach in the wall.” Bits and chunks of stone blocks lay strewn about on the ground before a gaping hole in the sandstone wall. It must lead to the fort’s inner sanctum.” the gnome said as she stepped through the vacant portion of wall.

“It looks like something blasted its way into this place.” Gnarshm noted.

“Or blasted its way out.” Mead countered as they each followed Jadehat further into the fortress.

The sound of battle could be heard just up ahead. Metal swords clashed and the occasional clang of weapons smashed into defensive shields.  A pack of imps and lesser demons surrounded and battled a wounded knight. Mead, Woodsy and Ingrid sprung into action hacking back at the demons with their weapons. Jadehat and Ruby began repelling the demons with the excommunication ritual. Klobber fired off a few magic missiles into one particularly nasty demon. The last missile tore the demon’s head clean off.

The wounded knight was bleeding profusely. Ingrid the paladin approached and offered to help. “Let me use the power of my God to heal your wounds.” Ingrid lifted her hands up in the air and as she said a holy prayer, her hands began to glow. A holy light made her hands glow with power. Ingrid placed her hands over the knight’s wound and magically the wound healed.

“Thank you for saving me from those wretched demons. I thought I was done for. But now I am exhausted and must rest. Please take my sword. It has magical properties. Use it and defeat the evil of this place!” the knight offered.  It’s name is the Lawful Avenger.”

Ingrid graciously took the sword. “I shall use this against the demon empress and her minions. This sword has yet to see its last battle.” the paladin declared. The party regrouped and moved onwards.

Along the southern tip of the fortress the kobold Wyvam found a locked door with a pentagram shaped pattern. “I cannot pry this door opensezz. It must requirezz a key.” The party had no key and the door didn’t even have a key lock.

The goblin Klobber stormed forward. “Out of ze way! I know how to get past ze door.” Klobber pulled out the pentagram stone that he had placed into his pocket and held it out in front of the door. The pentagram stone began to glow as the heavy fortress door slowly creeped open. The party filed in one by one. The group walked down a corridor and reached a door which easily swung open revealing a room with four doors. The party entered the room. The goblin gave a stern warning. “DO NOT MOVE! There are deadly traps in this room. One wrong step and ZZAPP!! you’re dead! However I do have a trick for ye all!” the goblin began to speak in magic tongues.

“Chunga Wuuunnngaaa…….where aaarrreee yooouuu!” Klobber called.

From out of the darkness came a black cat with big round green glowing eyes.

“Awww, look at the cute little cat. She’s so pretty.” Ingrid stated adoringly.

“Never mind that you! What wretched creature ye see before ye is the infamous CHUNGA WUNGA! She is the most evilest cat ye’ve ever seen! More evil than Dr. Evil’s Mr. Bigglesworth! NO, WAIT! More evil than Dr. Claw’s MAD CAT!” Klobber exclaimed.

“Oh she can’t be that bad, can she? She’s just so cute!” Gnarshm announced.

“Well, we shall see… oh yes, we shall see very soon. Hehehe.” Klobber retorted. “Here Chunga Wunga! Over here. Come this way. Oh yes, just walk straight ahead. Good……good…..just a little further…..yes, just a step more…”

ZZZAAAPPP!!! And with that, the Chunga Wunga was completely disintegrated.

“OH MY GOD!” What have you done to her! You vile and disgusting goblin!” Ingrid shouted at Klobber.

Ruby, Gnarshm and the two gnomes in the party looked on in horror. Even Woodsy the elf war mage was horrified.

The goblin Klobber announced “The way forward is now clear! Let’s proceed onwards!”

The next room was filled with a vile assortment of despicable demons. Demogorgon’s, Juiblex’s, Balron’s, Baalzebul’s, and last but not least, the great Demon Empress herself!

“Meet your doom, wretched adventurers! I’ll have your souls ensnared in little vials just for my amusement!” the demon empress imperiled.

Ingrid leapt into action commanding the lawful avenger to swing and chop its way through the layers of demon hoards that encompassed the demon empress’ proving grounds, single-highhandedly taking out the majority of the demons in this fight.

Raax then stepped forward casting a fireball that blasted some balrons in a blaze of fire before being taken out by one of the remaining demogorgons.

Ruby cast her icestorm, freezing the remaining demons in their tracks.

However it was Greyrobe, the gnome that condemned the Demon Empress using the monk’s condemnation chants to send her back to the hellish abyss from whence she came.

When the battle was finally over, the party found another piece of the tablet of Uthar in a small room in the northwestern corner.

“Back to the castle!” Klobber ordered.


A walk to the Tomb of Horrors -animated gif #RealmsofQuestV

A walk to the Tomb of Horrors – animated gif

Gnarshm’s Book of Cartography (Volume II)

    Gone are the days of old, when the Time Lords reigned supreme over the lands of Rivaria. Heroes of the realms had once come and freed its people from the grip of terror that had once resided here. But the death of the Time Lords brought about chaos and disorder throughout the lands of greater Rivaria. A destructive and bloody civil war was fought throughout the realms until the various kingdoms were united by our now Grand Empress Lady Carmilla Bane.  Peace throughout the realms was short lived, and now a new evil has swept over the lands. An evil greater then what has come before. Rumors are spreading that an incredibly powerful demon is plotting to divide, conquer and destroy the united kingdoms of Rivaria along with the Grand Empress Lady Carmilla Bane herself.  The people of the lands are divided in their views of just how to deal with this new threat. The Forces of Good, Evil and Neutrality fight amongst themselves in an effort to piece together the broken ancient tablet of Uthar, which is now the last hope the people of the realms have to unite the lands of Rivaria and defeat the monstrosity of evil that is now upon us all. We must now put aside our differences and join together if the Realms of Rivaria is to be saved from its own destruction, doom and despair. Who will save our people and keep our land of Rivaria free?….

The orc warrior again attempted to reason with the holy knight of Lanthorn. “Join us. Give us your pieces of the Tablet of Uthar. Together we may find the rest of the pieces, unite the magical tablet and use it to defeat this new evil that is now upon us!”

“NEVER! I will never join with a henchmen of the fallen Time Lords. You have chosen a darkened path filled with lies and deceit. Come and try to take my tablet pieces if ye dare! Filthy orken swine!” the knight retorted.

“Foolish Human! If you will not join us, then you will die!” the orc fighter shouted as he unsheathed his broadsword and attacked, but the holy knight in shining metal armor was surprisingly quick and pounced upon the orc, slashing his blade and leaving a large gash in the orc’s leather armor.

Upon taking the hit, Mead fell backwards to the ground. As he attempted to regain his footing, he was again accosted by the holy knight. Their swords clashed and clanged together as each swung their swords at each other. Suddenly something leaped from the shadows and grasped the neck and shoulders of the holy knight. A small kobold with dagger in hand slashed and stabbed at the knight but the holy warrior’s armor was strong and impenetrable. With a mighty grasp, the holy knight grabbed the attacking kobold and threw the creature onto the ground in front of the orken fighter.

“I am Lord Grant! Ruler of the lands of South Colaro and I will not be dispatched so easily. Especially by an arrogant orc and a measly kobold thief. Prepare to meet your doom at the hands of my sword, fiends!” -the holy warrior shouted as he lunged towards his attackers.

The holy knight’s attack was thwarted but not by the orc warrior or his kobold thief accomplice, but by a large Minotaur that breached through the wall of the maze with a force so strong, the blast sent rocks and debri flying in all directions. Dust clouded the air as the Minotaur let out an enormous ROAR! The violent Minotaur swung a mighty war hammer and smashed it against the holy warrior’s heavy plate armor in a loud and destructive hit crushing the knights armor.

The minotaur’s attack wounded the knight, and frightened the orc and kobold. Lord Grant looked up at the ferociously impending beast, his plate armor battered, and his body bruised. The enormous minotaur again let out a raging battle cry and took aim at the holy knight once more.  The knight took a bloodthirsty pummeling, then gasped for air as he reached out towards the orc and kobold who were both frozen in shock. “Please Help me!” Lord Grant pleaded to the orken fighter and kobold thief. As the minotaur approached, its gigantic body cast a dark shadow upon the holy knight. The orken warrior and kobold thief fled hastily, leaving the knight to face his doom.

Some time later… There was a knock at the door of room 13. The room was considerably nicer than some of the other available suites at Castle Rivaria’s Inn. It wasn’t the royal suite, but it sure beat staying in the stables.

“Abra cadabra, ala kazaam, open ze door and show who ye are!” the goblin wizard shouted as he pointed his wand towards the rooms door. Blue and yellow sparks shot out of the wand and blasted a large hole in the door. Smoke proceeded to fill the room and the remnants of what was left of the door burnt to a crisp, disintegrated, and fell to the floor leaving a gaping hole where the door used to be.

“Klobber!! What in the realms! The innkeep is going to be pissed! Another bill on our room tab. Why do I put up with this?” the gnome in the Jade Green Hat exclaimed.

A gnoll sat at the far end of the table with maps of far off places strewn about in front of him. He seemed to be plotting a course for somewhere.

A hobbit with red hair sitting at the table in the center of room coughed and wheezed as the cloud of smoke from the wand’s blast made its way through the area.

When the smoke eventually cleared, the gaping hole where the door had been revealed an orcish warrior and a slender kobold standing in the doorway.

“Ah, my scouts have returned. What say ye orc Mead? and have ye brought us good news kobold Wyvam? the goblin wizard inquired.

“No good newzz. Only bad newzz. Labyrinth of Ithis guarded by horrible minotaur.” the kobold Wyvam stated.

“The minotaur is powerful. We saw him rip a knight to shreds. We must bring many to defeat this monster of a minotaur. We need wizardry, firepower!” the orken Mead responded.

“Good, good. Then we are ready. I present to ye our newest recruits.” the goblin Klobber said. “Ruby, a hobbit sage with knowledge of both priest and wizardry spells. Woodsy, an elf war-mage. Skilled in both combat and spellcasting. Jadehat and Greyrobe, our gnomish priestess and monk. Ingrid the paladin, and finally the gnoll Gnarshm who is our, er, um, a, peasant? er, our resident cartographer.” -the goblin stuttered.

“This? This is the best party you could assemble? Perhaps I’ve overestimated your leadership abilities.” Mead muttered.

“Watch yer tongue! or i’ll have ye sent back to the gnomish mines where ye can serve out the rest of yer sentence!” Klobber shouted in anger. “RAAX!! Restrain this orc! His insubordination will be the end of him!”

From out of the shadows, Raax, a green skinned Zzy-Zzyx Demondain appeared moving slowly towards the orc with its arms outstretched, It’s fingers reaching…It’s inter-dimensional mind commanding… It cannot see as it has no eyes. Instead the Zzy-Zzyx uses its nose to smell and sniff out its prey. The nose knows where you are and It will come for you.

Raax scared Mead greatly. He had seen the Zzy-Zzyx possess a small demon, but it wasn’t enough for Raax just to control his new possession. The Zzy-Zzyx felt the need to use the demon to torment and torture the orc. Mead didn’t want to experience that again.

“NO! Keep him back! I’ll do what you want. I’ll kill the Minotaur and find it’s piece of the Tablet of Uthar. Just keep Raax away from me!” the orc demanded.

“Good. Good. Then we will go at once.” the goblin Klobber rejoiced.

Mead and Wyvam guided the party on a trek to the southern sea shores where the entrance to the Labyrinth of Ithis lead deep into the underground. Gnarshm lit a torch before heading into the maze. After a short ways in, the gnoll spotted a rotting wooden sign with a warning “Beware the minotaur!” Gnarshm made note of any interesting locales as he drew out a map of the maze to keep track of where they were in case the party got lost in this twisting maze of tunnels.

The place was overrun with rodents. Not just the usual infestation. These were more of the ominous sinister type of mutated rats that squeak and hiss as they swarm through the labyrinth likely on their search for some giant chunk of swiss cheese at the center of the maze.

The party proceeded onwards. The labyrinth twisted and turned in all different directions. Klobber called for the group to halt. “Wait. I grow tired and must rest a bit. This maze bends and zig zags for too long. I’m not even sure where we are. Surely we must be close to finding ze Minotaur.”

The group took a short rest in a small alcove when Jadehat began to notice something moving on the labyrinth’s cold stone walls. “What is this stuff?” the gnome inquired.

Ingrid unsheathed her broadsword and poked at the fuzzy yellow residue which coated the wall in clumps of pulsating goo. The mold was highly acidic and began to dissolve the tip of the metal blade. “Oh great. Acid mold.” the paladin warned.

“Don’t touch it. I’m starting to feel dizzy. Let’s move on from here.” Jadehat suggested.

The party marched onwards eventually making their way towards the center of the labyrinth. “Stay alert. The Minotaur is bound to be lurking about nearby.” Woodsy the elf war mage cautioned. “I can see a light flickering up ahead around that corner.”

Mead instinctively drew his blade. The rest of the company followed suit as they made their way around the labyrinth’s last turn finally reaching the center of the maze. There was no Minotaur but rather an oracle sitting by a lit fireplace and peering into a glass orb. “Greetings and Salutations! You have nothing to fear here. Come forward Mead and let me show you a vision of your future.” the oracle offered.

“Okay.” the orc said as he began to approach the oracle…..”Hey, wait a minute. How did you know my name?” the orc warrior asked.

“I know a great many things about the future, the past, and the present. Step forward and I can show you your prophecy.” The oracle pointed her finger at the empty chair in front of the orb. “Sit!” the oracle commanded.

Mead cautiously approached the oracle and her orb and sat down in the empty chair looking at the glass ball with interest. The oracle waived her hands over the crystal-like orb as a swirling hurricane of energy began to spin inside the orb. An image of the orc appeared within the globe along with the various other members of the party. “Hey that’s me in there!” Mead exclaimed.

“Silence! You must be quiet while the orb shows your vision.” the oracle demanded.

More faces began to appear within the globe. Demonic and frightening faces… Images of battle and bloodshed appeared and then finally pictures of death, doom, and despair. The orb turned black as if in a void of nothingness. “I’m afraid your future looks very bleak. There is no hope for you and your comrades. Death! Purgatory! and finally Hell! No. I see nothing good in your future.” the oracle’s statement drifted off into an echo.

Mead looked sullen and disappointed. “Wait!” the oracle exclaimed. I see something else. A glimmer of light in the blackened globe. A sparkling ruby gem. Perhaps there may be hope after all.” the oracle said as the red gem became brighter and moved towards the perimeter of the orb. Magically the gem fell out of the orb and onto the table before the orc Mead.

“A gift. A magical offering. Take the gem. It is yours. It may heal you in your most desperate hour.” the oracle smiled.

“Thank you oracle.” Mead replied as he picked up the gem and held it in his hand. “It is shining and surprisingly warm. How odd.” the orc stated.

Suddenly a loud roar was heard throughout the labyrinth, followed by a rumbling of stone and screams of terror.

“We must leave here now Mead. We have a Minotaur to hunt.” Klobber ordered.

The party made their way to the northeastern corner of the maze when the torch that Gnarshm carried was blown out by a magical force. “Darkness!” Stay close together. Don’t get lost” Klobber commanded.

A few more steps forward and the kobold Wyvam made a discovery. “I’ve found somethingzz in the darknessezz! It feels like a key. An old rusty key of sortzz.” the kobold placed the key in his tunic pocket as the party continued onwards.

Eventually the group came onto a locked door. “This must be where ze Minotaur is hiding!” Klobber exclaimed. “Wyvam! try the key on this door!”

The kobold pulled the key from his pocket and it fit the lock. Wyvam pushed the door open.

Jadehat’s holy symbol began to glow. “I detect an evil presence in this room!” the gnome warned, and as if on cue an incredible ROAR! shook the room.

The infamous Minotaur appeared breathing heavily and looking menacing. A catoblepas and Rakhasa backed him up. “Intruders are not welcome in the Labyrinth of Ithis! I am judge, jury and executioner in this maze! Your sentence is DEATH! and as such you will be SACRIFICED to the Gods!” the Minotaur ordered.

A battle begins…Klobber wasted no time in casting his spells bombarding the foes with meteor swarms. Wyvam, Mead and Ingrid attacked with their swords. Ruby’s ice storm froze the Rakhasa in its tracks. Again the Minotaur ROARED!

The catoblepas was wild and fierce but was brought down by Woodsy’s lightening bolt which zapped the beast electrifying it.

Mead took the final swing and sliced the head of the Minotaur in a fit of rage. When the battle was over the eager kobold Wyvam searched the beast’s lair and discovered a shard of the Tablet of Uthar.

“Give it here! ye filthy kobold! Ah yes! Another piece of Uthar’s Tablet! We are on our way to victory!” the goblin wizard announced triumphantly.

Gnarshm took note as he finalized his map of the Labyrinth of Ithis. Now the party could retreat back to the castle’s inn and rest for a short while. The gnoll knew that this adventure has just begun and there were many more pieces of the Tablet of Uthar to discover.





Realms of Quest V -the Soundtrack [the Demo EP] -by R’zo

Here is something fantastic!

R’zo ‘s demo EP of “Realms of Quest V -the Soundtrack

Tracks on R’zo ‘s demo EP are as follows…

1.) Open Sea
2.) Castle Gates
3.) Temple
4.) Satyrs Dance

To quote R’zo…”A 4 track demo ep containing music created with a Commodore Vic-20 from the up and coming 5th installment in the famed Realms of Quest series.”

Love this VIC-20 music!

For more of R’zo’s music see his Soundcloud page. https://soundcloud.com/rzo-4

and bandcamp page https://r-zo.bandcamp.com/

For more information on the upcoming Realms of Quest V, see this link to the VIC-20 Denial Forums.  http://sleepingelephant.com/ipw-web/bulletin/bb/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=8380

+ also Realms of Quest creator+developer Ghislain’s twitter page https://twitter.com/hitfan2000

Digital Versions of Realms of Quest III + IV are available again!

Digital Versions of Realms of Quest III + IV are now available again through Psytronik Software’s new Itch.io site, and they are on a name your own price! So get your VIC20 emulators ready, and head on over to Psytronik’s site to purchase/download these great turn based, party based dungeon crawlers and fight some monsters today! See links below for further emulator recommendations and system requirements, and information on all of the extra’s that come with the downloads.

Realms of Quest III https://psytronik.itch.io/realms-of-quest-trilogy

Realms of Quest IV https://psytronik.itch.io/realms-of-quest-iv

For more Psytronik software releases….https://psytronik.itch.io/



Taking a walk in the dungeon -Realms of Quest V

Here are Mead and the crew, taking a leisurely stroll through one of the dunjons in Realms of Quest V.  Let there be color! This is great! In Realms of Quest V each dunjon in the game may have their own color styles.

For visual dungeon comparison with the previous 2 Realms of Quest games, below here is one of the dunjons in Realms of Quest III.

Realms of Quest IV had black and white wire-frame graphics, but much more features like traps, spinners, teleporters and other such things in their dunjons.

+ Here is the Dungeon Crawler version of Realms of Quest III with its blue dunjons.


New Realms Font & Race/Class Tables-RoQV

A new Realms font is now replacing the Legacy font and allows both upper and lowercase letters. It is the official default font that will ship with the game, but you can still select the other fonts; (deluxe, fat128, system) via the configuration screen.

Both the Race and Class tables have been updated. The Proteus Class (Jack of all trades, master of none) has been replaced with a War Mage class which is a Fighter/Wizard/Cleric type class and will require the most experience points to advance levels. Click the images to enlarge for better viewing.

Races that also appeared in and were specific to J.R.R.Tolkien’s and/or Thomas Covenant’s works have been replaced with unique races that you can only find in this “Realms of Quest”.