Orb #3 and Sailing the High Seas! -RoQIII


A third dungeon was situated between two rivers and to the west of a swampy marsh filled with densely thick poisonous bushes. Someone was bound to get poisoned!


The Demons love to lurk about on level fifteen.


Ruby snags another orb from out of the Demon’s gold filled treasure chest.


Now that the party has some serious gold, it is time to spend some of it on a shiny new ship from the dockyard to sail around in.


The crew sets sail for a high seas adventure. A few hours on the rough waters and Mead begins to feel seasick.


We approach a small rocky island and disembark, making our way across a grassy path to a cave at the isle’s center. The entrance to the cave is littered with humanoid skulls and bones.





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